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Jennifer Dunn As Dole’s Vp? Gorton Thinks So


That has a nice ring to it, says Sen. Slade Gorton, R-Wash., who suggested Wednesday that Rep. Jennifer Dunn, R-Wash., would be a good running mate for Bob Dole.

Dunn also has been mentioned as a possible Republican National Committee chairwoman during the fall campaign, if current GOP Chairman Haley Barbour moves over to Dole’s presidential campaign.

Dunn said a number of House colleagues have asked her to consider the national committee post if it opens up, but that she wants to remain in the House. And she said it’s way too soon to comment on the idea of being asked to join the ticket.

“It’s a nice compliment, but that’s all it is,” she said. “I’m really glad Dole is going to be looking all over the country. … It would be fun to be on a list like that (but) I really love what I’m doing.”

Gorton said he intends to speak to Dole about Dunn, but noted that retired Gen. Colin Powell still remains the GOP’s top choice for vice president.

“If Colin Powell adheres to his present decision not to run, I don’t know of a better name than Jennifer Dunn,” Gorton said. “I will mention it (to Dole) but I’ll mention it in the context of the time that he’s making up his mind.”

Dunn, 54, would be controversial with some Republicans if she is chosen either as party chairwoman or vice presidential nominee. She is a conservative on economic issues, but pro-choice on abortion.