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Gary Locke, Tired By Tour, Boots His Campaign Lines

You could tell gubernatorial candidate Gary Locke was getting tired Sunday as he wrapped up a four-day, 11-city tour.

First, he introduced his wife, Mona, as “the one responsible for the sex in our cam …” When the audience started snickering, he realized he’d misspoken and quickly amended that to “success of this campaign.”

His backers kept laughing, and, without skipping a beat, the Democrat said, “We ARE expecting our first baby in March.”

Later, Locke told the boisterous labor crowd the country needs to elect Democrats to Congress.

“We’re talking about giving boot the Newt,” he declared. When the audience looked a tad puzzled, he kept toying with the phrase until he got it right - “Give Newt the boot!”

“He’s getting pretty tired,” spokesman Bruce Botka said with a wince and a laugh as the boss made his second verbal pratfall.