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Kremlin To Retaliate For Arrest Of Old Spy

Wed., Nov. 6, 1996, midnight

Retired CIA agents better cancel their next tourist trip to Moscow unless their itinerary already includes a lengthy stay in a Russian prison.

That’s the word from an outraged Russian government after what the Russians say was the unsportsmanlike arrest last week at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport of a man who they acknowledge was a retired, Soviet-era, KGB spy.

FBI agents arrested Vladimir Galkin on espionage charges Oct. 29 when he entered the United States as part of a Russian trade delegation, officials say.

The espionage charge, contained in a recently unsealed federal indictment in Boston, was that when Galkin was a KGB agent in 1990 and 1991 he had attempted to obtain documents relating to the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative, also known as Star Wars.

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