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Brinkley Signs Off With A Flourish

Thu., Nov. 7, 1996

During his final election night broadcast and before he embarks on a tour to promote his new book, “Everyone Is Entitled to my Opinion,” David Brinkley certainly made his known while squashing some of the criticism that the entire Washington press corps is liberal.

Brinkley, 76, made some disparaging remarks about President Clinton, describing him as “a bore” and calling his victory speech “one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.”

The comments came during the end of ABC’s election night coverage on Tuesday around 10 p.m. PST. Some of the statements were made when Brinkley apparently was not aware he was on the air, but others were made when he knew he was being broadcast.

The remarks, which were not the first less-than-complimentary statements the somewhat gruff and often subjective Brinkley has made about the president, could possibly stand in the way of an interview with Clinton for the final edition of “This Week With David Brinkley,” which will air Sunday. ABC had put in a request for an appearance by the president, but it has not heard back.

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