Cia Disputes Alleged Drug Dealers’ Claims

THURSDAY, NOV. 7, 1996

The CIA has gone to court to dispute claims by three alleged drug dealers that they were working for the spy agency.

In a document made public Wednesday, a CIA official told the U.S. District Court in San Diego that the agency searched its records and found no evidence of “any kind of operational, contractual or employment relationship” with the men.

It identified them as Nicaraguan cocaine dealer Danilo Blandon, former California police officer Ronald Lister and David Scott Weekly, whom Lister has named as his CIA contact.

A fourth individual named in the document was identified as Los Angeles crack cocaine dealer “Freeway” Rick Ross.

In the declaration, the CIA said it knew as early as 1984 that Norwin Menesis was a major cocaine trafficker. But it said a 1986 search of the agency’s records at the FBI’s request failed to produce any evidence of a CIA relationship with Menesis.

The CIA inspector general is investigating allegations that the agency was involved in the introduction of crack cocaine into the United States.

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