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It’s TV Time Again For The Unsinkable Marilu

She’ll probably never find a job as good as the one she had on “Taxi,” but Marilu Henner is anxious to work again in television.

“I’m definitely going to do another series,” the actress told syndicated columnist Marilyn Beck. “The pilot will be done in the spring.”

Until then, she’s been working with husband Rob Lieberman, the director of the upcoming CBS miniseries “Titanic.” In the drama, based on the 1912 ship tragedy, Henner portrays Molly Brown, whose own story was done as a 1964 movie starring Debbie Reynolds.

“It’s the only time he’s directed me except for childbirth, and in that case, I was in charge,” Henner said. “It worked out well thanks to a lot of joint therapy sessions.”

Loose talk

Daphne Zuniga on why she left “Melrose Place” (in Entertainment Weekly magazine): “In acting class, they tell you to think of something sad to help you cry. But after awhile, thinking of Grandma under a tractor didn’t work anymore.”

Will he have a party? Sure, but never on Sunday

William F. “Billy” Graham turns 78 today.

Get yer program, you can’t tell the players without one

Here’s a tangled mix of a celebrity pairing: Supermodel Elle Macpherson is seeing British playboy Tim Jeffries, who once was the husband (for 18 months) to Koo Stark, who dated Prince Andrew before he was married to Sarah Ferguson.

So when she says I do, she really means it, right?

Queen Latifah has taken to wearing a wedding ring. “I’m married to myself,” the rapper/actress says. “I just felt it was time to take care of me, pamper myself. And when I meet the right man who can treat me as well as I treat myself, I will take this ring off and replace it with his.”

Their name is The Cranberries, not The Commitments

If you’ve seen Dolores O’Riordan lately, you may have noticed how thin the the Cranberries lead singer is. Really thin. The consequences of that, never mind the cause, are said to be why the band has canceled its fall U.S. tour and $6 million worth of European shows.

That was when she was desperately seeking a career

Look for a new CD featuring the early sounds of Madonna. “Pre-Madonna,” a collection of songs made way back in 1981, is being produced by Stephen Bray, a friend of the pop diva’s at the University of Michigan. According to one Madonna spokesman, she’s “not particularly enthusiastic” about the project.

Note to John-John: You can run, but you can’t hide

Tired of the paparazzi camped out on their downtown Manhattan apartment, John F. Kennedy Jr. and new wife Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy are said to be moving uptown. The thought is that they can hide better in that more-upscale neighborhood.

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