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Thu., Nov. 7, 1996

Q. Is it true 70 percent of the U.S. labor force is made up of clerks?

A. Sort of. A clerk is described in job descriptions as “one who processes information.” That proportion of us fits the description.

Vehicle-moose accident count in Maine last year went to 653.

Many a swan has 25 vertebrae in its neck.

Q. If households with dogs nationwide outnumber households with children, am I supposed to buy the notion that people have come to prefer dogs to children?

A. Hardly. Most families with children have dogs. Add dog owners without children, and you get the “outnumber” statistic.

Birds can’t see blue.

Much more than half of what’s taught in biology classes now wasn’t known before World War II.

Q. If there were only a few chairs until about 300 years ago, what did people sit on? , A. Thrones. Benches. Stools. Rocks. Logs. Ground, mostly.

Q. Can you update the list of the five most common U.S. surnames in order?

A. Smith, Johnson, Williams, Jones and Brown.

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