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‘Snowriders’ Is Miller’s Newest Film

Warren Miller isn’t a movie director whose name is a household term like Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorcese.

But he’s made more movies - 47 - than both those directors put together.

If you’re a skier, you may already know that. Miller has been an avid skier (or rather “snowrider,” the term he now prefers for the various ways that have been invented to slide down snow) since 1936, and has been making films about the sport yearly since 1949.

The 69-year-old Miller isn’t exactly behind the camera anymore. “Snowriders,” his 47th and newest film, was co-directed by his son, Kurt, and Peter Speek. But the elder Miller wrote and narrates the film.

The sequences shot on slopes around the world - and that includes such unexpected spots as Australia and China - are breathtaking, especially one that catches a skier riding through the middle of an avalanche.

“Snowriders” is called that because, in addition to traditional alpine skiers, there are snowboards and monoskis and inner tubes and snowshoes and all the other contraptions people have come up with to get themselves across snow.

The nice thing about Miller’s films is that, besides all the thrills, amateur snowriders can tour the world in their theater seats and decide where they might like to test their own skills.

“Snowriders” will be shown Saturday at 6 and at 9 p.m. at the Spokane Opera House. Reserved seat tickets are $11.50, available at G&B; Select-a-Seat outlets.