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Less Dramatic Testimony By Simpson Likely Today

Mon., Nov. 25, 1996

Day Two of O.J. Simpson’s testimony today promises slightly less drama but perhaps more substance than Friday’s dramatic session when he stepped up at last to deny he killed his ex-wife and her friend.

Blood and cuts, shoes and gloves, a suicide note and a wild Bronco chase are some of the subjects that Simpson still faces under a lawyer’s relentless interrogation.

His testimony Friday was a mantra of denial. “That is absolutely untrue,” he intoned repeatedly.

“This was a big moment not only in O.J.’s life but for everyone who attended his testimony,” said Loyola University Law School Dean Laurie Levenson, who was in the courtroom. “You felt like you were in a sea of bodies all directed at one image, and that was O.J. on the witness stand.”

Daniel Petrocelli, the lawyer on a mission to prove Simpson a killer, was following a script carefully crafted to maximize dramatic impact for the jury - and discomfort for Simpson.

First on the agenda was domestic violence, Simpson’s Achilles’ heel, a dark side of his marriage which he admitted he has sought to minimize because it cast a shadow over his sunny public image.

But when asked to explain how Nicole’s beautiful face became scratched and bruised - documented by photographs she had taken - Simpson couldn’t explain.

“How did she get the welt over her right eye?”

“I don’t know,” Simpson said.

University of California at Los Angeles Law School professor Peter Arenella said he expects a bloody second act today as Petrocelli resumes his interrogation.

“The cut on his hand is important; he will ask about how he got the cut and when he got the cut,” Arenella said. “He will go into every aspect of blood evidence. I also expect to hear a great deal about the shoes.”


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