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Williams Questions Chenoweth’s Ad Facts

Wed., Oct. 2, 1996

Democratic congressional challenger Dan Williams says opponent Helen Chenoweth has started some negative ads against him that contain factual errors.

He told a Boise news conference on Monday the ads border on the ludicrous and among other things falsely claim he favors the Clinton health reform plan and higher taxes.

“I do not,” he said.

He said he has run nothing but positive ads and will continue to do so.

The AFL-CIO has been running ads for months attacking Chenoweth for her votes on Social Security and Medicaid, but Williams said he has had nothing to do with them. Chenoweth press secretary Khris Bershers called Williams’ allegations “a very good example of the pot calling the kettle black.”

“Helen’s ad is 100 percent accurate,” she said. “The only thing that might be wrong with the ad is that it says he took $40,000 from his labor bosses when in fact, he told The Statesman he took over $75,000.

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