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Simpson Jury Pool Reaches 102 Candidates

Thu., Oct. 10, 1996

By Wednesday, 102 people had convinced a judge they could set aside their deepest biases, ignore strident publicity and spare four months of their lives to sit as jurors in the O.J. Simpson case.

When they return next week for the final round of juror selection, they’ll be asked their opinions on issues such as police power, domestic violence and race relations.

As with many other days, Wednesday’s session offered a number of jurors who insisted they had virtually no opinions about anything linked to a case renowned for its ability to inflame emotions.

“If you haven’t heard or seen all the evidence, you can’t voice (an opinion) one way or the other,” said a black man in his 50s. He was accepted into the pool.

Screening the jury pool on its exposure to the Simpson case took 12 often grueling days, and it wasn’t clear how long final questioning would last or when a jury can be empaneled for opening statements.

The court will convene hearings today and Friday on everything from whether the jury will be allowed to visit the murder scene to the critical question of whether the defense can present its theory of a police frame-up.

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