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Searcher Fails To Find Lost Men But Gets His Elk

Mon., Oct. 28, 1996, midnight

So, what’s a guy to do at 2 in the morning as he’s out looking for three lost hunters? If you’re a sharp fellow like Kootenai County sheriff’s deputy Kevin Mumford, you also keep an eye out for signs of elk. Kevin was one of some 30 rescuers who spent 12 hours last Monday looking for three lost hunters in the Fourth of July Pass area. The hunters eventually walked out of the woods on their own. But all was not in vain for the searchers. Kevin noticed elk spoor. A day or so later, he returned to the spot and shot himself a freezer full of meat. Attaboy.

Campaign fallout

The nuclear waste propaganda of the Larry Craig-Walt Minnick U.S. Senate campaign has claimed at least one victim. A mental patient harassed Kootenai Medical Center early Thursday morning with a series of phone calls. In them, he blamed Craig for bringing fallout to Idaho, said the senior senator had “maggots for brains” and concluded that they all needed a “good spanking.” Or something like that. Maybe the guy wasn’t so crazy after all. … Bethine Church, widow of the late U.S. Sen. Frank Church, compared would-be U.S. Rep. Dan Williams’ first campaign at age 34 to her husband’s first at age 32. When asked about his age, her husband, Bethine said, would respond: “Well, if you like my ideas, you won’t have to worry about my being young. I’ll get over that.” … One caller believes Republican Rep. Helen Chenoweth’s North Idaho base is eroding - with the arrest of three bombing suspects from Sandpoint, and all. Badabump. Onward.

Where are they now?

You might drop a card to “Bubblehead Bob” Hough, 70, who’s recuperating in Salt Lake City from recent triple-bypass heart surgery. Bob and wife, Colleen, were 18 months into a two-year mission for the Mormon Church when he began having heart problems. The former voice of KVNI radio said from his hospital bed Friday that he plans to finish his mission and be back in Coeur d’Alene next spring. His address: 150 North 200 West, Apartment 32, Salt Lake City, Utah 84109. … By the way, Bob’s son Bruce directed the Utah Republican Party for two years.


Billy Carter - no not that one - has the early lead in the Fightin’ Creek mayoral race, which prides itself on bribery, corruption and influence buying (or typical American political behavior, circa 1996). So says Fred Gabourie, ex-Fightin’ Creek Bar owner. If Billy wins, of course, he’ll be responsible for keeping the two-hole “chamber of commerce” out back stocked with toilet paper and catalogs. … Tammy Baker - again, not that one - bowls ‘em over Thursdays in the 3C’s league at Sunset Bowling Center, with or without makeup. … Democrat Jeff Crouch, a would-be Latah County sheriff, didn’t like Republican Kenny Piel’s float in the recent University of Idaho homecoming parade. It consisted of a flatbed truck covered with couches and children dressed as potatoes - and a sign: “Don’t be a Crouch potato, vote for Kenny.” Said Crouch afterward: “I thought it was mildly amusing, but I didn’t think it was very dignified.” What a grouch potato. … So, you don’t think North Idaho has an image problem? Earlier this month, a Seltice Way business owner opened her door after hours to an African-American man looking for Idaho Forest Industries. The traveler was relieved. Said he: “I thought I was going to be stuck in North Idaho after dark.” … Davis Donuts offers not only Idaho-shaped sweets but also this thought: “Politicians are people who, when they see the light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy more tunnel.”

Parting shot

Rain canceled the ol’ cow-on-a-field fund-raiser planned by Lake City High School librarian Bill Kinder. You know the procedure: A football field is divided into little squares, $2 tickets are sold for those squares and a bovine picks the winner by relieving itself on one of them. Patrons love it. At least, most of them do. Before the cancellation, a caller complained to Kinder that the contest was sick. Did I mention the caller was a farmer? (And a grouch potato.)

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Got a Huck? Call the Huckleberry Hound hotline at (800) 344-6718 or (208) 765-7125 or send e-mail to

The following fields overflowed: CREDIT = D.F. Oliveria The Spokesman-Review

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