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Panhandle Picks With Greg Lee

I’m beating Bob Dole and Ross Perot to the punch this week. I’m conceding defeat.

OK, perhaps I lost by a landslide to the guests so it’s not much of a concession. For the first time in three years, the guests scored a season victory over the Scribe.

And for the first time this year, a guest put up a perfect mark. St. Maries volleyball coach Mitch Santos picked 8 of 8. Let’s just say I finished a close second. The scoreboard reads: Guests 62 of 77 (.805), Lee 56 of 77 (.727).

Although I’m mathematically still alive, my primary focus this week is to salvage the proverbial pride.

This week’s opponent is familiar - you’ve probably seen his photo in area Post Offices under the heading “Most Wanted.”

Seriously, with all due respect, please welcome fellow sportswriter Jim Meehan, who has scored back-to-back narrow victories over me. The streak ends this week.

Post Falls at Sandpoint: I’m still in shock over how Lewiston handled the Bulldogs last week. I was particularly impressed with the defense applied to running back Jeremy Thielbahr.

The seniors at Post Falls have been to the state playoffs two years in a row, and they won’t go down without a battle.

Logic says that if one team has more offensive weapons than another you pick the team with more weapons.

The running games may be neutralized with an ugly field. So Sandpoint’s passing is the difference. Sandpoint 21, Post Falls 14.

Meehan: A shame the loser misses the playoffs. Bulldogs delay start of basketball season with big rebound after loss to University of Lewiston. Coach Puailoa gets 6,200 (population of Sandpoint) write-in votes for President… . Sandpoint 34, Post Falls 21.

Lake City at Coeur d’Alene: Could a coach’s job be on the line here?

Not likely - and certainly not Van Troxel’s job at LC.

It is interesting, though, that CdA’s athletic seniors are 5-12 the past two years after a 16-1 start as freshmen and sophomores.

Still, CdA has a few more athletes. But don’t be surprised if LC finally beats its crosstown rival. CdA 13, LC 10.

Meehan: T-Wolves make Viks’ what-could-have-been season more miserable. Easier for T-Wolves to keep QB Nick Rook in check with WR Ben Davis out… . LC 24, CdA 20.

St. Maries at Bonners Ferry: Lumberjacks coach Curt Carr will probably choke on his coffee when he reads this. I’m taking St. Maries to capture the Intermountain League championship in this all-important game.

In three other league games, I picked against St. Maries. So why am I jumping on the bandwagon now?

Carr is the difference. And quarterback Skyler Willard.

When it’s come to big games over the years, Carr finds a way to lead his teams to victories - at least in league.

But if the Jacks don’t contain Badgers running back Adam Hiatt, Bonners Ferry could pull off another nail-biter. St. Maries 18, Bonners Ferry 13.

Meehan: There’s a reason I’ve out-predicted Greg Lee the last TWO years. When it’s discovered, I’ll let you know. I do know Badgers beat Lakeland on a last-second Hail Mary. Hail Badgers, team of destiny… . Bonners Ferry 21, St. Maries 20, 2OT.

Lakeland at Moscow: Throw out the record books. Forget the common-opponent garbage. This is one of the most entertaining rivalries in the league.

Last week, Moscow coach Eric Bjorkman emphatically said his team is the best in the league. This week he said the league essentially stinks. He has a point.

Moscow moves into a three-way playoff with a win. Moscow 20, Lakeland 12.

Meehan: Moscow is improving, Hawks are planing. Bears solved QB dilemma with Tony Rinaldi and won’t let Lakeland ruin season like it did a year ago… . Moscow 26, Lakeland 13.

Other picks

Greg Lee Jim Meehan

Lewiston 39, Cheney 20 Lewiston 33, Cheney 23

Grangeville 40, Wallace 6 Grangeville 44, Wallace 6

Lakeside 56, Kootenai 6 Lakeside 58, Kootenai 8

C. Fork 54, F.Christian 6 C. Fork 50, F.Christian 14

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