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Clinton Urges Campaign Of Ideas - Not Insults

Sun., Sept. 1, 1996

President Clinton concluded his 220-mile bus trip Saturday with an appeal for a “campaign of ideas” while criticizing the tax proposal of Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole.

Clinton urged a welcoming crowd of more than 10,000 people to contrast his administration’s record of four consecutive years of deficit reduction to the “12 years of debt” under previous Republican administrations.

“I’d say that’s a pretty good record,” Clinton said.

“We’re not interested in a campaign of insults. We want a campaign of ideas,” said Clinton.

Clinton and Vice President Al Gore attended a fund-raiser for Democratic congressional candidate Harold Ford Jr. before departing for Little Rock, Ark.

Earlier, Clinton campaigned through tobacco country in Kentucky with plenty to say about Dole and his Republican Party but not a word on his own recent efforts to discourage smoking by declaring nicotine an addictive drug.

There were protest signs along the road as Clinton’s campaign bus caravan rolled past tobacco farms in Kentucky and Tennessee. Some protested Clinton’s decision to allow the Food and Drug Administration to classify nicotine as a drug.

That step allowed the government to adopt tougher regulation of tobacco, and the FDA has said it hopes to cut teenage smoking in half by ending the advertising images that portray tobacco use as sexy and fun.

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