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Prosecutors Try To Tempt Mcdougal

Wed., Sept. 4, 1996

Susan McDougal, facing a jail term after being convicted of fraud charges, says Whitewater prosecutors are pressuring her to turn against President Clinton.

But McDougal is reluctant to do so because of her contempt for Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel, according to a transcript of an interview to be broadcast on ABC Wednesday.

“There is not one thing the independent counsel wouldn’t do, wouldn’t use, wouldn’t try to get me to say, wouldn’t try to make me say to hurt them,” she told “Primetime Live”, referring to the Clintons.

McDougal and her ex-husband, James McDougal, owned the Arkansas savings and loan that is at the center of the Whitewater investigation, and were partners with the Clintons in the Whitewater land deal that has been the focus of Starr’s investigation.

She is scheduled to begin serving a two-year prison term Sept. 30 after being convicted May 28 of misusing a $300,000 loan obtained in the name of her advertising company.

“It is tempting every time they put the carrot before my eyes,” she said of Whitewater prosecutors’ efforts to get her to cooperate. “It’s very tempting. It’s tempting when I see my mother crying. When I see my family hurting.”


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