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Cruise The Internet And Then Roam The World

Sun., Sept. 8, 1996, midnight

Travel information has grown explosively on the Internet in recent months, making it easy to roam for days through this computerized world.

The World Wide Web, the user-friendly portion of the Internet that’s loaded with photos and graphics, is the place to go. There are thousands of Web sites on travel, with more being added daily.

For those who want to roam through cyberspace, here are some Web sites worth visiting:

British Tourist Authority - This Web site, run by the government tourist office, offers information on major sights in London and elsewhere -

Call of the whales - For anyone interested in whale-watching this is an excellent resource -

Air-fare sales - Some major U.S. airlines now sell steeply discounted tickets for last-minute travel via the Internet. The airlines and their websites:

Northwest Airlines -


American Airlines -

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