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One Party Committed To Honoring God, Saving Country

During the past several decades, the luster of American greatness has been badly tarnished. Our nation’s founders acknowledged that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights. They knew that God is our great law giver, sovereign and savior, and that law is the will of the sovereign.

The war for American independence was waged because 18th century Americans recognized their obligations as stewards of God’s sovereign authority and, accordingly, their responsibility to hold civil government accountable to him through them.

Ignorance of the law was no excuse because God’s word was law and God’s commandments were taught to America’s children.

Neither crown nor parliament had the right to block the chain of accountability which gave each citizen ultimate oversight concerning policy and resources.

When the federal union was established under the 1787 Constitution, there was no disagreement that the national government had only such powers as were explicitly delegated to it, and which are enumerated in the document’s plain English text.

Tragically, during the past two centuries, and particularly in the last few decades, our leaders in both major parties have broken, indeed, they have forgotten, the original contract with America.

The results are obvious: rampant immorality, violent crime, rising taxes, declining opportunity and the loss of freedom.

As government has become ever more expensive and intrusive, American families have been undermined and grown weaker. In 1961, the year Bob Dole took his oath as a congressman and the Kennedy-Johnson administration launched its so-called Great Society, one breadwinner could support his family. Sexual promiscuity was discouraged. Abortion was very limited and illegal. Homosexuality was in the closet, and there was no AIDS public health crisis. Total federal spending was less than $100 billion per year. The national debt was below $300 billion and annual interest payments on that debt were less than $10 billion per year.

Social Security taxes then amounted to only $16.4 billion, and the income tax was so low that it produced only $41.3 billion - an amount sufficient to cover the major share of the legitimate costs of government at that time.

There was no doubt about the source of authority. It was understood that communists looked to the state as the law giver, but that in America almighty God ruled supreme, even when, in practice, we fell far short of meeting our obligations to him.

Now, some 1.5 million unborn babies are executed each year without trial. Sexual promiscuity and perversion are rampant. Violent crime has skyrocketed and, in a typical family, more than one person is working more than one job to help make ends meet.

The American people have been voting for change since the late 1960s. Both major parties have promised it, but neither has delivered. In 1994, millions of Americans came to the polls to oppose abortion, gun control, socialized medicine, higher taxes, and the surrender of American liberty to an anti-Christian New World Order.

For the first time in decades, Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. But, instead of fulfilling their mandate, they betrayed it, determining to continue funding for Planned Parenthood, pro-homosexual AIDS education subsidies, an expanded federal role in education, the Bosnian intervention, Bill Clinton’s $50 billion Mexican hay ride, NAFTA, GATT, the World Trade Organization and increased bureaucratic control over our private health care.

Taxes have not been cut. The radical Legal Services Corp. has not been abolished and the perverse assaults on our nation’s culture by the National Endowment for the Arts have not been halted. There is $60 million more for Goals 2000.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can be counted upon to deliver the changes that are needed because they have made a god of pragmatism, even when such pragmatism causes them to betray their oaths to the Constitution.

The appeal of the U.S. Taxpayers Party to me is its courageous commitment to restoring America’s jurisprudence to its Biblical presuppositions and the federal government to its constitutional boundaries. Because of this principled perspective, I support the USTP.

Using the Constitution of the United States as our guide, it is our intention to elect a president who will use his veto authority to cut the federal government down to constitutional size, withdraw the U.S. from all institutions of the New World Order and end legal abortion.

We offer America, we offer you, we offer your family a new birth of freedom in a land which, once again, will acknowledge its obligations to our creator, yielding, we pray, a restoration of morality, opportunity, prosperity, and domestic tranquility.