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Most-Wanted Squirrel Electrocuted

After parts of downtown Pullman and Washington State University lost power last month, police were looking for the culprit. They suspected squirrels. Hence, Our Man on the Palouse read a police log entry later that told of a woman finding a dead squirrel below a power line. The notation concluded: “Squirrel may be responsible for power outage experienced earlier in week but unknown for sure - although it matches the description.” What description? Gray adult squirrel, approximately 18 inches long from nose to tail, burnt to a crisp, could be armed and dangerous?

It’s a gas

A tired old horse at the auction yard next to popular Go Kart Family Fun on Seltice Way competed for revelers’ attention recently. Seems the ancient hay-burner had more gas than the zooming go-carts. The grown-ups said the horse’s problem was disgusting. The kids laughed. Anyway, the nag, with an auction number on its flank, hadn’t sold for quite awhile. Maybe Seabiscuit had a method to his methane mishaps. … Tom Moss, owner of T.J. Moss and Co. of St. Maries, uttered the best line at the recent reopening of his sewing factory, leveled by fire last January. Moss told listeners that Kathie Lee Gifford had declined an invitation. Why, you ask? Because “the place is too nice, and she didn’t like the wages.” Badabump. Onward.

News Flash

Again, the Bonner County Bee checks in with an intriguing police blotter item. From Sept. 5 edition: “Casi Colleen Smith, 39, of Hollywood, Calif., was cited and released for improper water skiing on Priest Lake.” What the heck is “improper water skiing?” Some local rednecks would say it’s improper for anyone from California, particularly Hollywood, to ski at Priest Lake. … Hey, is that fill-in newscaster who kept pronouncing Dodge dealer Tom Addis’ surname as “Adidas” still working at KVNI-AM? … North Idaho College Trustee Norm Gissel decided against another term because he figured his days were numbered anyway. He soon will bump up against Idaho’s shortsighted term-limits ceiling. Says Norm: Idahoans “want to make terms of office as long as the average marriage.” Is that your average first marriage or your average second marriage, Norm?


Hmmm. Another Pullman Police Department blotter item from Our Man on the Palouse, courtesy of Pete’s Bar and Grill: “Report of loud yelling and a mechanical bull. Subject contacted and warned.” Just what did that bull do for four bits anyway? … Donna Kelly spotted this vanity plate hightailing it Spokaneward on I-90 last Tuesday morning: “AAIOU.” Many do. … Yes, that was Vern Newby, Coeur d’Alene school board chairman, passing out apples to Bryan Elementary School teachers last week during the first day of school. It’s a tradition of Vern’s. And a nice touch. … Separated at Birth: New Gonzaga University president Rev. Edward Glynn and Jobs Plus executive Bob Potter? … An S-R colleague wants to know where she can get a bumpersnicker she spotted in Sandpoint: “Idaho, too great for hate.” Anyone? … Congrats to baby brother Ray and wife Lisa on the birth of their first-born at Kalispell (Mont.) Medical Center. Only took 38 hours of labor to produce little William F. (Oliveria not Buckley) - the final 18 of which came appropriately (drum roll, please) on Labor Day.

Parting shot

What’s this? Bob Templin probably was surprised to read in the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce newsletter for August that Hagadone Hospitality has been a chamber member 34 years. The newsletter listed Prudential Acuff Northwest as the only longer running member at 41 years. Seems to me that Hagadone Hospitality has existed in this town less time than the Huckleberry Hound - unless the chamber’s counting all those years before and after the 1983 hostile takeover when the company did business as Templin’s Western Frontiers.

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The following fields overflowed: CREDIT = D.F. Oliveria The Spokesman-Review

Gotta Huckleberry? Call the Huckleberry Hound Hotline: (800) 344-6718 or (208) 765-7125; e-mail:

The following fields overflowed: CREDIT = D.F. Oliveria The Spokesman-Review

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