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Perot Would Dismantle Irs

Evoking the nation’s anti-tax beginnings, Ross Perot pledged Sunday to dismantle the Internal Revenue Service if elected president and replace it with a system that’s fair to all Americans, rich or poor.

The result could involve several federal fundraising schemes, including but not limited to a flat tax, a consumption tax, a national sales tax, a savings tax, a value-added tax and a financial transaction tax, he suggested. The idea, he said, is to scrap the current complicated income tax code for a simpler one that is paperless and not beholden to special interests.

“As your president, I will return our tax system to one that will pay our bills and tap the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of America to create millions of new jobs here in the U.S.A.,” the Reform Party candidate promised in his latest 30-minute campaign “infomercial.”

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