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On The Ballot

Thu., Sept. 12, 1996

Here’s a list of candidates and issues that will be on primary ballots Tuesday in Eastern Washington:


U.S. House of Representatives

4th District

Republican: Doc Hastings, Pasco.

Democrats: Rick Locke, Richland; Glenn Phipps, Yakima; Joe Walkenhauer, Yakima.

5th District

Republican: George Nethercutt, Spokane.

Democrats: Susan Kaun, Spokane; Don McCloskey, Spokane; Judy Olson, Garfield.



Republicans: Nona Brazier, Maple Valley; Ellen Craswell, Poulsbo; Dale Foreman, Wenatchee; Warren Hanson, Bellingham; Norm Maleng, Seattle; Pam Roach, Auburn; Bob Tharp, Vancouver; Jim Waldo, Tacoma.

Democrats: Gary Locke, Seattle; Max Englerius, Seattle; Jay Inslee, Bainbridge Island; Mohammad Said, Ephrata; Norm Rice, Seattle; Brian Zetlan, Seattle.

Other: Jeff Powers, Seattle, Socialist Workers.

Lt. Governor

Republicans: Ann Anderson, Acme; Bruce Buckles, Redmond; Gerald Goodloe, Snohomish; Ed Torres, Orting; Jim West, Spokane.

Democrats: Harvey Billmaier, Lacey; Frank Gavaldon, University Place; Bambi Lin Litchman, Tacoma; Bob Owen, Olympia; Brad Owen, Shelton; Paull H. Shin, Mukilteo.

Others: Shawn Newman, Olympia, Reform Party; Art Rathjen, Hoquiam, Libertarian; Michael Hackett, Marysville, Natural Law.

Secretary of State

Republican: Ralph Munro, Olympia.

Democrat: Phyllis Kenney, Seattle.

Other: Gary Gill, Lynnwood, Natural Law.

State Treasurer

Republicans: Randolph Bell, Tacoma; Lucy DeYoung, Woodinville.

Democrats: Jack Kiley, Olympia; Mike Murphy, Olympia.

State Auditor

Republicans: Nina Becker, Spokane; Mike the Mover, Edmonds; Robert Keene, Bellevue.

Democrat: Brian Sonntag, Tacoma.

Attorney General

Republican: Richard Pope, Shoreline.

Democrat: Christine Gregoire, Olympia.

Others: Richard Shepard, Tacoma, Libertarian; Luanne Coachman, Kent, Natural Law.

Superintendent of Public Lands

Republicans: Randy Boss, Gig Harbor; Bruce Mackey, Olympia; Patrick Parrish, Trout Lake.

Democrat: Jennifer Belcher, Olympia.

Other: Marc Strauch, Edmonds, Natural Law.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Nonpartisan: Teresa “Terry” Bergeson, Olympia; O. Jerome (Jed) Brown, Rollingbay; Gloria Guzman Johannessen, Pasco; Richard Fuller, Pullman; Nancy Hidden-Dodson, Hansville; Dan Leahy, Olympia; Raul de la Rosa, Olympia; Earl LaBerge, Gig Harbor; Mae Laverne Lovern, Tacoma; Ron Taber, Olympia; Chris Vance, Kent.

Insurance Commissioner

Republicans: Garland Daniel Connor, Mercer Island; Anthony “Tony” Lowe, Redmond; Brian McCulloch, Shoreline; Steve Skipper, Federal Way; Dave Walker, Lacey.

Democrat: Deborah Senn, Seattle.

Other: Steve Sevick, Redmond, Natural Law Party.

State Supreme Court

Position 1: Barbara Durham, Seattle; Kathryn Ross, Mukilteo; Mark Mestel, Seattle.

Position 2: Charles Smith, Seattle.

Position 3: Charles Johnson, Gig Harbor; Barnett Kalikow, Federal Way; Douglas Smith, Everett.

State Court of Appeals - Division 3

Position 1: Philip Thompson, Spokane.


3rd District Senate

Republican: John Moyer.

Democrat: Lisa Brown. House, Position 1

Republicans: Brendon Hill, Asa Jay Laughton.

Democrat: Alex Wood. House, Position 2

Republican: Ken Whitehall.

Democrat: Jeff Gombosky, Valerie Smith, Lonnie Sparks.

4th District Senate

Republican: Bob McCaslin.

Democrat: George Orr. House, Position 1

Republican: Larry Crouse.

Democrat: Frank Galizia.

House, Position 2

Republican: Mark Sterk.

6th District House, Position 1

Republican: Brad Benson.

Democrats: Kerry Luciani; Judy Personette. House, Position 2

Republican: Duane Sommers.

Democrats: Jerry Hopkins, Barbara Lampert.

7th District House, Position 1

Republicans: Penny Rosenberg, Grand Coulee; Bob Sump, Republic.

Democrat: Kurt Matter, Kettle Falls. House, Position 2

Republican: Cathy McMorris, Colville.

Democrat: Brad Lyons, Odessa.

9th District Senate

Republicans: Eugene A. Prince, Thornton; John Gearhart, Palouse. House, Position 1

Republican: Larry Sheahan, Rosalia.

Democrats: Cal Chase, Tekoa; Brian Day, Pullman. House, Position 2

Republican: Mark Schoesler, Ritzville.

Democrat: Robert Henager, Pullman.

12th District Senate

Republican: George L. Sellar, East Wenatchee. House, Position 1

Republican: Clyde Ballard, East Wenatchee

Democrat: Bill Stroud, East Wenatchee. House, Position 2

Republicans: Linda Evans Parlette, Wenatchee, Curt Epperson, Chelan.

Democrat: Stephanie S. Gilliland, Wenatchee.

13th District House, Position 1

Republican: Gary Chandler, Moses Lake.

Democrats: R. Virgil Donovan, Ephrata; Tony Engebretson, Ellensburg. House, Position 2

Republican: Joyce Mulliken, Ephrata.

Democrat: Wendy Katz, Ellensburg.


Spokane County Spokane County Commissioner

District 1

Republican: Lila Howe.

Democrat: Cliff Cameron, John Roskelley.

District 2

Republicans: Steve Hasson, Don Manning, Kate McCaslin.

Democrat: Ron Hormann. Spokane County Superior Court

Position 6: Sam Cozza, Royce Moe, Terry Ryan. Spokane County District Court

Position 3: Mike Padden. Other issues

City of Spokane Strong Mayor Initiative

City of Spokane Road Repair Bond

Fire District 1 Operating Levy

Fire District 9 Operating Levy, Riverside School District Bonds

Liberty Lake School District Bond

Stevens County

Stevens County Commissioner

District 1

Republican: Fran Bessermin, Tony Delgado.

Democrat: M. Grant McMullen.

District 3

Republicans: Fred Lotze, John Hodde.

Democrat: Jeff Johnston. Stevens County District Court Judge

Patty St. Clair, Pamela Payne, Robert Simeone. Other issues

Chewelah School District Operating Levy

Kettle Falls School District Bond Measure

Pend Oreille County Pend Oreille County Commissioner District 1

Republican: Michael Hanson.

Democrats: Alvin Earl, Sandi Lewis.

District 3

Republican: Wanda Stenzel.

Democrat: Karl McKenzie. Other issues

Sacheen Lake Water/Sewer District Operating Levy

Ferry County Ferry County Commissioner

District 1

Republicans: Lorna Johnson, Dennis Snook.

Democrat: Ed Watt, Chris Kroupa.

District 3

Republican: David Schumacher.

Democrats: Gary Kohler, Jerry Sullivan. Ferry/Pend Oreille/ Stevens Superior Court

Position 1: Rebecca Baker, Republic; Andy Braff, Colville.

Position 2: Larry Kristianson, Chewelah. Other issues

Ferry County Emergency Medical Services District Operating Levy and Annexation Proposal

City of Republic Emergency Medical Care Levy

Kettle Falls School District Bond Levy

Lincoln County Lincoln County Commissioner

District 1

Republican: Irwin “Bill” Graedel

District 2

Republican: Deral Boleneus. Lincoln County Superior Court Judge

Philip Borst.

Grant County Grant County Commissioner

District 1

Republican: Sarge McClintock.

Democrat: Tim Snead.

District 2

Republicans: LeRoy Allison, Bob Chapman Grant County Superior Court

Position 1: Stephen J. Hallstrom, Evan Sperline.

Position 2: Michael D. “Mike” Aiken, Ken Jorgensen Other issues

Town of Wilson Creek Road Levy

Adams County Commissioner

District 1

Democrats: Brett Blankenship, Bill Wills.

District 2

Republicans: James Allcock, Lester Clemons, Bill Morris, Bill Schlagel.

Democrat: Gilbert Ard. Adams County Adams County Superior Court

Richard W. Miller. Adams County Commissioner

Democrats: Bill Wills, Brett Blankenship

Whitman County Whitman County Commissioner

District 1

Republicans: Hollis Jamison, James W. Potts.

Democrats: Steve McGehee, Roger McKeirnan.

District 2

Republicans: Richard Dougherty, Nora Mae Keifer.

Democrats: Dan R. Antoni, Charlie Russell. Whitman County Superior Court Judge

Position 1: Wallis W. Friel. Other issues

Whitman County Sales Tax Increase for Jails

Oakesdale Cemetery District

City of Oakesdale Levies

Oakesdale Park and Recreation District Levy

Endicott Park and Recreation District Levy

Fire Protection District 11 Levy

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