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Poll Finds Support For Attacking Iraq

THURSDAY, SEPT. 12, 1996

By a margin of more than 3-1, the American public approves of President Clinton’s decision to fire cruise missiles at Iraq - although a substantial majority of Americans do not believe the action will achieve its purpose of thwarting aggression by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, according to a new Los Angeles Times poll.

Responses to a series of questions concerning U.S. retaliation last week for Saddam’s attack on Kurds in northern Iraq seem to contain much good news for Clinton as the November election nears.

By 60 percent to 31 percent, Americans said they now believe Clinton can be trusted to handle a major crisis.

And a majority of the public rejected suggestions Clinton had acted for domestic political reasons. Some 54 percent said the president’s objective was to prevent Saddam from gaining more power, while 31 percent said Clinton’s purpose was to improve his standing in advance of the election.

Los Angeles Times

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