Fitness Pageant To Be Held At Met

THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 1996

The regional Fitness America Pageant, featuring women performing fitness routines, will be held at the Met on Saturday at 7 p.m. The top five will advance to the national pageant in Florida in November.

The women will be judged on a fitness routine, swimwear and their responses to impromptu questions, says organizer Stacy Benoscek. It is important for the women to have strength as well as flexibility, says Benoscek, and they must be able to represent their sport in a professional manner.

“We have a lot of experienced competitors so it should be a good show,” says Benoscek. She thinks that once people see the women in action they will find out just how demanding the sport is. “They don’t realize how hard these girls work.”

Benoscek also will be one of five judges evaluating the performances.

She participated in last year’s national pageant while she was two months pregnant but is sitting out this year’s competition due her Cesarean section in July. She plans to return to competition next year.

Tickets for the pageant are $18 and $12, available at G&B; Select-a-Seat outlets; or call 325-SEAT.

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