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But Do They Deliver?

Recently, Food & Wine magazine reported on which pizza toppings are popular at Domino’s pizza outlets in other nations. In Japan, for instance, squid is the top topping.

Other popular favorites included: tuna and corn (England), barbecued chicken (Bahamas), eggs (Australia), black bean sauce (Guatemala), mussels and clams (Chile), creme fraiche (France), pickled ginger (India), peas (Brazil) and guava (Colombia). What they didn’t reveal was whether those toppings are in addition to - or instead of - tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

No doubt your first reaction on reading this list was to groan a bit and say “How disgusting!!!”

If you are really honest, you’ll admit that some of those flavors - like the barbecued chicken - actually sound pretty tasty. (Some of your favorite toppings - including salty, smelly anchovies - probably sound pretty disgusting to people in India.)

You’ll also have to admit that you have eaten pizza with much stranger toppings than that, in restaurants and at home.