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Go Online For Complete Breast Cancer Information

Going on-line is the new “in” way to communicate quickly with others as well as research the latest information available.

From sending messages via electronic mail (e-mail) or surfing the Internet and World Wide Web for cancer resources, cyberspace is where it’s at.

If you don’t have Internet access at work, check with your local public library. Many libraries now provide computers for the public to access the Internet.

Here are some on-line cancer information resources and addresses:

Centers for Disease Control:

Cancer Information Service:

National Cancer Institute: http:/ / CancerNet also can be accessed through e-mail. To get the CancerNet contents list from e-mail, send an e-mail message that says “help” in the body of the message to To get the list via the National Institute of Health gopher, the address is and look for CancerNet under “Health and Clinical Information.”

American Cancer Society (keyword: ACS): http:/ /

National Breast Cancer Coalition:

Breast Cancer InfoMAZE: http:/ / InfoMAZE.html

Cancer Patient Resources: http:/ /www.charm.met/~kkdk/

University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center: http:/ / homepage.html

New York State Education and Research Center: breast/Default.html

American Federation of Teachers has its own forum on America Online called AFT Online (keyword: AFT). Information about AFT’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Education and Detection Project is available there. Connie Cordovilla is AFT’s project coordinator, her e-mail address is

Federal Register: http:/ / This brings you to the “GPO Gate.” Select “Federal Register 1996” from the database search field. Type “mammography” in the search field box and run the search. Select any mammography-related documents listed to download.

Other documents relating to mammography can be found in the GPO Gate.

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