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Is The Kitchen Sink Your Dining Area?

Do you eat your grapefruit over the sink? Scarf dinner at the counter? Never sit down and never plan to?

You may be a Sinkie.

The International Association of People Who Dine Over the Kitchen Sink is a group of gourmets who have no qualms admitting the sink is sometimes their table.

“The message we’re conveying is you’re not alone,” says Sinkie founder Norm Hankoff. “Hold your head up high - but not too high because you’ll dribble all over your shirt.”

Since its birth in 1991, the California-based organization has signed up 1,000 members and has just added a World Wide Web site ( Honorary members include Julia Child, who eats peaches over the sink, and President Clinton, who Hankoff suggested try the Sinkie style a few years ago when the White House was temporarily without a chef.

For more information, write to the association at 1579 Farmers Lane, No. 252, Santa Rosa, CA, 95405. Membership, which includes an official certificate, is $5.89; the “Don’t Cook Book” is $13.95, including postage.

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