Rioting Accompanies Palestinian’s Funeral


The funeral of a Palestinian drew thousands to the streets Wednesday in more West Bank rioting, and protesters hurled rocks and firebombs at Israeli soldiers - who answered with tear gas and rubber bullets.

About 30 people were injured as Palestinian police formed human chains, searched rooftops and blocked streets with trucks, struggling to separate protesters from the soldiers and prevent more deaths after the funeral of Nader Isseid, 24, one of three Palestinians killed a day earlier.

“We don’t want it to spread all over,” said Brig. Gen. Abdel Fatah Jaidi, head of National Guard forces in Hebron.

But if the casualty toll mounts, he said, “I cannot predict what will happen.”

Two Palestinians were killed Tuesday and 100 injured in riots that broke out after two Jewish seminary students shot and killed a Palestinian man.

“The olive branch is down and the Kalashnikov is raised,” marchers shouted at Isseid’s funeral. “Revenge, revenge.”

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