Timothy Mcveigh Writes Of Himself As An Fbi Victim


A reporter gave authorities a letter Wednesday from Timothy McVeigh blaming the FBI for the Branch Davidian deaths and comparing his plight in the Oklahoma City bombing with that of Richard Jewell.

“If you have trouble believing that the Justice Department are adept liars - come to one of my pretrial hearings, to the trial itself, or ask Richard Jewell,” McVeigh writes. Jewell once was a suspect in the Atlanta Olympics bombing but was cleared of any involvement.

At the offices of the weekly Oklahoma Gazette in Oklahoma City, an FBI agent wearing rubber gloves placed the two-page handwritten letter into a plastic envelope.

“They just asked for it. They could have gone the subpoena route, but that would have been silly,” said Gazette reporter Phil Bacharach, who interviewed McVeigh in prison and received the letter from him last November.

The paper made it public Tuesday during jury selection in McVeigh’s bombing trial.

Bacharach said he didn’t reveal the letter earlier because McVeigh’s views against the government are already well-known.

Jury selection, meantime, continued Wednesday with eight prospects being questioned.

Two of them were dismissed, one because he hadn’t lived in the state long enough to qualify for jury service and another because of her strong views in favor of the death penalty.

Prosecutors have alleged McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995 in part as revenge for the government siege at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, two years earlier.


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