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The Desert Debacle George Tenet, The Man Who Is Expected To Become The Next Director Of The Cia, Was In Charge Of A Disastrous Plot To Overthrow Iraqi President Saddam Hussein That Left More Than 300 Iraqis Dead.

This sidebar appeared with the story: Chronology of CIA activity in Iraq The Independent, London 1990: Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait. CIA starts to give support to Iraqi opposition groups. 1991: After Gulf War and Kurdish uprising Saddam Hussein loses control of his three northern provinces forming Iraqi Kurdistan. They become haven for CIA-backed dissidents. 1994-96: The Iraqi National Accord (INA), composed of former Iraqi officials and soldiers and backed by CIA, engages in bombing campaign against civilian targets in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities. About 100 people are estimated to have been killed. 1995: In May John Deutch, former U.S. deputy defense secretary, confirmed as director of CIA. Committed to overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Brings with him to the agency George J. Tenet as deputy director. In August Lt. Gen. Hussein Kamel, son-in-law of Saddam Hussein, flees to Jordan. King Hussein turns against Iraq, persuaded by CIA. 1996: In January President Clinton gives $6 million in aid to INA. Similar sums from Saudi Arabia and Arab world. Aim is to foment military coup against Iraqi leader. In June Saddam Hussein strikes first. In August Iraqi tanks intervene in Kurdish civil war, catching and killing 120 members of CIA-backed dissident group. 1997: John Deutch steps down from CIA where he is likely to be replaced by director-designate George Tenet next week.


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