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Most Believe Smoking Addictive, Carcinogenic

The overwhelming majority of Americans believe smoking is addictive, and most of them believe the tobacco company executives share that belief, according to a Harris Poll.

According to the poll being released today, 90 percent of the public believes smoking causes cancers. Among smokers, 79 percent also believe that, it said.

The nationwide poll of 1,006 adults was conducted by telephone by Louis Harris and Associates Inc. during March 26-April 1. The margin of error is plus or minus 3 points.

The poll found 95 percent of the public, and 92 percent of smokers, believe smoking is addictive.

And 92 percent, including 88 percent of smokers, believe the tobacco company executives also think their product is addictive.

However, the poll found that 40 percent agreed that tobacco is a legal product and the companies should be allowed to sell and advertise their products as they wish.