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Colombian Inmates End 11-Day Uprising

Inmates ended an 11-day uprising at a crowded northern prison Monday, surrendering their weapons in return for promised improvements in prison conditions.

Inmates rebelled April 3 at the prison at Valledepur, killing three guards and a police officer and taking 16 people hostage.

They released their 11 remaining hostages on Sunday after striking a 12-part accord, which included promises of no reprisals, a review of their cases and improved conditions, including easing of crowding.

Inmates surrendered submachine guns, semiautomatic weapons and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, chief government negotiator Jose Noe Rios said. Rios said the arms had been taken from guards and the prison locker.

The Valledupar prison, built for 120 inmates, holds more than 590.

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