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No Barkley Verdict Yet

Fri., Aug. 1, 1997

A fight involving Charles Barkley that lasted about 10 seconds kept a jury deliberating for 3 hours Thursday without reaching a verdict.

The eight jurors told the judge they would return today to decide whether to award damages to Jeb Tyler, who is suing the NBA star for $550,000.

Tyler’s lawyer asked jurors to send a message to Barkley “to keep him and people like him from acting like this again.”

“Just because you don’t like somebody doesn’t mean you have the authority to beat the hell out of him,” lawyer Timothy Ita said in his closing argument.

Barkley’s lawyer said Tyler deserves no compensation and argued that the Houston Rockets forward was the victim.

NBA free agent Clifford Robinson says police didn’t need to go to such extreme lengths when they stopped his Humvee with a roadblock and drew their guns on him in downtown Portland.

Police cited Robinson for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana because it was found in his vehicle. The charge is a non-criminal offense similar to a traffic ticket, with a maximum fine of $1,000.

Robinson was driving. His brother and two friends were riding inside. Police said they used a “high-risk” strategy to stop the Humvee on Wednesday evening after receiving reports that a man in the vehicle had a gun.

Police discovered four paintball guns in the Humvee.

The second NBA referee in as many days pleaded guilty in federal court to filing false federal income tax returns in an airline ticket scam that has embroiled two other league officials.

In return for his guilty plea on one count of filing a false income tax statement in 1993, two other counts against George Toliver of Harrisonburg, Va., were dismissed.

On Wednesday, NBA referee Jess Kersey pleaded guilty in Norfolk, Va., to cheating on his income taxes and agreed to testify against other referees involved in the scheme.

Kersey resigned the same day from his 24-year career as one of the NBA’s top officials.

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