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Bonds Pleased With Giants’ Acquisitions

Barry Bonds, who often views things in a different light, was pleased to welcome three new teammates to the Giants, but he attached a condition to his enthusiasm.

“You only have a better chance (to win) if they’re happy to be here, if they want to contribute,” Bonds said of pitchers Wilson Alvarez, Roberto Hernandez and Danny Darwin.

“I’m happy they (front office) made the deal, but I’ve been pleased all along with what they did before to get us in the position we’re in. Being in first was a confidence builder.”

Bonds doesn’t have to worry about the newcomers being happy. Any of their anger was reserved for Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf for fracturing a team 3-1/2 games out of the lead.

“When you have a team that’s contending, you don’t break it up,” Hernandez said. “Are you trying to be a family, or a sideshow? We never were close as a group in Chicago.

“I was glad to get out of there. I told Dusty (Baker), he can use me any way he wants. I understand Rod Beck is his closer, and has been for five years. I respect that.”

The well-traveled Darwin, who is scheduled to start Tuesday in Chicago, anticipated a White Sox shake-up after Harold Baines was traded to the Baltimore Orioles recently.

“It’s kind of good to get out of there (Chicago), the way they were going to go,” Darwin said.

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