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Fashion Fore-Thought Boys Are Driving For Duffer Duds - With An Attitude

One of the hottest trends among males for back-to-school is an attempt at preppy revenge known as “golf punk.” It’s a clean-cut, conservative Catalina knit shirt (Wal-Mart, $14) paired with 24-inch stove-pipe leg corduroy Jnco pants (JC Penney, $50) or Union Bay Daddy-fit 23-inch wide jeans (Sears, $42). This dressed-up dressed-down look will be popular with boys of all ages.

Be warned: It won’t stop with just golf shirts. You’re likely to see lots of variations on this “dress sloppy” theme as the trend develops.

Painter pants, a ‘70s mainstay, will be an important, reasonably priced wardrobe addition. Available from Dickie in khaki or blue for $18, these jeanswear-look bottoms will be seen with such preppy elements as repp ties, argyle cardigans, and classic pullovers.

And remember that awful powder blue polyester leisure suit your dad wore with a white belt and white shoes? Well, your son will probably be rummaging through Grandma’s attic trying to find this must-have item which is slow to appear in mainstream stores. Check out alternative retailers and thrift shops for the best selection.

Another treasure to look for is the A51 label top. These polyester button-front shirts printed with a camouflage design are meant to attract attention, rather than limit visibility ($19 at JC Penney).

Classic bib overalls are a must for the fall. You’ll see the traditional Dickies brand, available at Wal-Mart and Kmart for about $20, teamed with a hooded sweatshirt and leather cap for an urban take on the factory worker look. Also popular, corduroy overalls, available in the Utility brand at Target for $25.

Sutter is the name to look for when searching for the coolest denims. The ultimate in big jeans is their “Giant,” with its 32-inch bottom and exaggerated low-slung pockets. Prices start at $45.

It’s important to understand the way these jeans are supposed to fit. They are cut to be snug at the waist and through the hips. Having the crotch of your pants hanging down around your knees is definitely NOT the look for the super-cool.

What’s hot in footwear? Hush Puppies suede loafers in blue or green. Also coming on strong: CATS, boots featuring the same rugged qualities as Caterpillar heavy equipment. Already at the height of street fashion in Paris, Milan, Hong Kong and Sydney, these shoe styles have been discovered by young trendsetters just in time for the fall season.

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