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Shoshone County

Larry Marek, Kingston, pole garage, valued at $5,000.

Evelyn Whisner, Prichard, mobile home cover, valued at $7,500.

Norman Dubiel, Kellogg, new dwelling, valued at $94,249.

Dream Chaser, Kellogg, roof, valued at $20,000.

E.R.I., Smelterville, modular office building, valued at $48,294.

Coeur d’Alene

Stewart Construction, 2841 Bristlecone, residence, valued at $200,000.

Hubert Menge, 1041 17th St., garage, valued at $10,732.

Steel Structures, 1302 11th St., garage, valued at $7,000.

Klein’s Home Improvement, 208 Coeur d’Alene Ave., commercial floor reconstruction, valued at $12,000.

Breuchaud Construction, 324 12th St., residence remodel, valued at $7,500.

Town & Country Builders, 901 Lacrosse, garage, valued at $9,037.

Kootenai County

David Peterson, Coeur d’Alene, residence, valued at $113,992.

David Sanders, Worley, residence, valued at $108,225.

Todd Sisson, Coeur d’Alene, residence addition, valued at $171,806.

Donald Kellogg, Rathdrum, residence, valued at $147,458.

Gerald Tibesar, Hayden, residence, valued at $276,742.

Joseph Hagaman, Athol, garage/carport, valued at $15,543.

Clifford Mort, Post Falls, residence, valued at $183,034.

Jeffrey Burtard, Rathdrum, residence, valued at $100,738.

Eileen Barber, Coeur d’Alene, residence addition, valued at $28,099.

Timothy Grothman, Coeur d’Alene, garage/ carport, valued at $13,631.

Simon Bible, Rathdrum, pole barn, valued at $44,640.

Mark Johnson, Rathdrum, residence, valued at $86,199.

James Stickney, Harrison, garage/carport, valued at $15,543.

River City Construction and Development Inc., Post Falls, garage/carport, valued at $18,504.

Mark Rau, Rathdrum, garage/carport, valued at $8,881.

John Wenger, Post Falls, garage/carport, valued at $13,322.

Sydnee Wright, Coeur d’Alene, pole barn, valued at $7,588.

Terry Auten, no address required, commercial, valued at $212,843.

Ralph Bridge, Rathdrum, pole barn, valued at $11,160.

Robert Imperatrice, Athol, pole barn, valued at $11,160.

Post Falls

Al Jensen, 6220 Commerce Loop, auto body shop, valued at $157,440.

Affordable Home Center, 1901 Seltice Way No. 52, mobile home, valued at $55,000.

Allstar Homes, 1901 Seltice Way No. 1119, residence, valued at $7,679.

Young Electric Sign Co., 109 Seltice Way, permanent sign, valued at $14,000.

Shorewood Homes Inc., 3350 Casey Court, residence, valued at $51,737.

Hallmark Homes Inc., 2207 Stagecoach Drive, residence, valued at $75,606.

Shorewood Homes Inc., 3260 Casey Court, residence, valued at $64,364.

James Farley, 1909 Meadow Lane, residence addition, valued at $28,464.


Liquidation petitions

Ronald O. and Darlyn L. Wardrop, Priest River, debts of $41,640.

Nancy Gibson, Post Falls, debts not specified.

William R. Baldwin, Smelterville, debts of $35,469.

Virgil E. and Suzanne Huffman, Hope, debts of $94,737.

Donald A. Jr. and Lynne M. Brown, Hayden, debts of $158,991.

Raymond and Patricia Opland, Athol, debts of $89,158.

Walter A. Scott, Hayden, debts of $57,549.

Michael A. and Janis C. Morigeau, Plummer, debts of $157,736.

Barbi Mader, Post Falls, debts not specified.

Ronnie B. Robinett, Osburn, debts not specified.

Michael H. and Rose E. Johnston, Pinehurst, debts not specified.

Carl W. and Jan Clizer, Athol, debts of $100,023.

James L. and Jacqueline M. Wells, Priest River, debts of $151,714.

Thomas H. and Jennifer J. Schoen, Post Falls, debts of $111,801.

Neal and Rebecca A. Wages, Kellogg, debts of $71,436.

Carrie L. Miller, Clark Fork, debts of $24,636.

Joseph D. and Penny Chamberlain, Sandpoint, debts of $61,977.

Robert A. Sr. and Kimberly K. Jacobs, Post Falls, debts of $83,942.

David A. and Shelley A. Landry, Sandpoint, debts of $141,048.

Maryann E. Langstaff, Pinehurst, debts not specified.

John J. Baldwin, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $21,652.

Kandy A. and Shawn L. Johnson, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $20,365.

Kevin E. Cook, Hayden, debts not specified.

Stephen C. Stanley, Silverton, debts of $46,356.

Mellisa E. Loomis, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $42,320.

James J. Roberge, Post Falls, debts of $100,295.

Shirlee S. Meadows, dba Meadows Nutrition, Post Falls, debts of $44,307.

Jackie C. Rivers, Athol, debts of $102,904.

Kenneth F. Jr. and Lillian L. Klaus, Bonners Ferry, debts of $249,337.

Barbara E. C. Rodriguez, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $17,276.

Charles A. and Mary L. Shepherd, Pinehurst, debts of $63,834.

Michael S. and Dolores L. Sheffler, Athol, debts of $76,581.

Candace West, Bayview, debts of $54,544.

David B. and Leslie A. Barrett, Priest River, debts of $60,098.

Edward C. and Samantha M. Hastie, Post Falls, debts not specified.

James A. and Myrna Krager, Sandpoint, debts not specified.

Wage earner petitions

Jack A. and JoAnn Bennett, Sandpoint, debts of $42,031.

Wayne A. St. Germaine, Coeur d’Alene, debts not specified.

Phillip J. and Teresa L. Asbill, Priest River, debts not specified.

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