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Hints From Heloise

Tue., Aug. 5, 1997

Dear Heloise: Mindful of the bathroom needs of us elderly, and for just pure safety for all ages, we found it wise to pack a couple of night lights for our overnight sojourns in motels.

Many motels make no provisions for night lights. You either have to leave a bathroom door ajar to provide a light (in many motels that means the raucous room fan is also on) or a brighter light somewhere in the sleeping area has to be left on.

The night lights also would be reassuring to children who might be leery of a strange darkened room. - J. Coyle, Houston

Here are a few ways to use a dish drainer:

Use as a desk organizer.

Put in child’s room to hold books.

Put next to the bed of a sick child to hold coloring books, crayons, favorite books and other items that might be needed.

Put under kitchen sink to organize cleaners.

- Heloise

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