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Tue., Aug. 5, 1997

Name the highest mountain range in North America. Did you say the Rockies? Wrong. Everybody knows the continent’s highest peak is Mount McKinley in Denali National Park. But not all that many can name the record ridge: The St. Elias Range between Canada and Alaska.

Turtle meat also comes in light and dark.

Q. What was the original meaning of that musical title “Ballin’ the Jack”?

A. “Ballin”’ was railroad lingo for rolling on a track. Or “high balling.” The “jack” was the locomotive.

Wives of Myanmar - that’s Burma, old-timer - wear no wedding rings. They keep their own names and property rights.

Vicunas are born almost always between 8 and 10:30 a.m.

Q. When did the Great Fire of London burn down the city? And how many people died?

A. On Sept. 2, 1666. No known deaths, remarkably. But in five days it destroyed St. Paul’s Cathedral, more than 80 other churches, the Royal Exchange, halls of 44 craft and trade guilds, and about 13,000 houses from Pudding Lane to Pie Corner. Lot of places in London are named after foods, have you noticed? Shoulder of Mutton, Rabbit Row, Beehive Lane, Boar’s Head Yard.

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