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Robber Takes Waffles And More

A hungry burglar apparently whipped up some breakfast at a Valley restaurant before escaping with an undisclosed amount of cash, according to Sheriff’s deputies.

The burglar broke into the Waffles ‘n More restaurant at 9425 E. Sprague late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

Employees arrived Sunday morning to find a glass patio door broken and an office safe emptied of its cash. They also found a dirty spatula next to a hot griddle and waffle iron. Both had been turned on during the night.

The burglar had apparently helped himself to some breakfast, but left the kitchen otherwise neat, officials said.

The burglar entered the restaurant after removing the light bulb over the east patio door, breaking the glass in the door and reaching inside to open it, Sheriff’s deputies said. A patio table had been used to prop the door open.

The burglar entered the office through an unlocked door and was able to open the safe without damaging or forcing it. The burglar attempted to pry open a cash register, but was unsuccessful.

Workers had noticed a person moving a patio table toward the east door days before the robbery took place, police said.

The hungry burglar remains at large. Sheriff’s deputies collected several sets of fingerprints from the crime scene.

They were not sticky.

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