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Cougars Faithful Deserve Familiar Voice On Big Day

Oh, no. Washington State University fans want to hear the golden voice of Bob Robertson broadcasting the 1998 Rose Bowl, not Charlie Steiner. As you recall, ESPN and its affiliate stations (KGA in Spokane) own the radio rights to the Mother of All Cougar Football Games. So Robertson, the longtime voice of the Cougs, has been banished to the Crimson and Gray flagship station in Seattle and a campus station for his play-by-play. And KXLY radio, which normally carries WSU games, is out of luck. Now, I don’t have anything against KGA. In fact, I enjoy hearing conservative Supertalk 1510-AM (when it isn’t bashing the boss). But the fans deserve to hear Robertson calling the game from a WSU perspective and not a couple of hired guns who wouldn’t know Pullman, Wash., from a Pullman car. I guess I shouldn’t gripe, though. Joe Sixpack won’t listen to Rose Bowl on the radio when he can watch it on TV.

How do you spell discipline? L-A-W-S-U-I-T

North Idaho College doesn’t have a policy against corporal punishment for a good reason. Who’d expect a college instructor would punish an adult for doing something annoying? Well, NIC may reconsider that little oversight - now that a student has accused an instructor of hitting her on the shin with a yardstick. Tracy Brownsville, 26, claims her teacher went postal when she asked another student for help. Seems he asked her to leave the classroom and weighed in with his yardstick. So she says. The unnamed educator, meanwhile, has remained mum, other than to apologize. The incident left the administration fumbling for words. Said spokeswoman Erna Rhinehart: “Corporal punishment is a means of delivering a punishment to somebody, and that is not what we believe happened in this case.” Got that? NIC had better hope the jury sees things the same way.

Thrice jilted, now very shy

Jobs Plus President Bob Potter deserves credit for remaining low key about a large technology firm looking to locate a $1.8 billion manufacturing plant. That’s right, “B,” as in baby and billion. Two sites being considered in 12 states are at Post Falls and on the Rathdrum Prairie. We’ve been down this path before. In the past, local business leaders and the media have slobbered like Pavlov’s dogs whenever a Kootenai County site was considered for a major project. We’ve strewn rose petals down the aisle - only to be left at the altar by Boeing, Micron Technology and Samsung of South Korea. Sadder but wiser, Potter has the proper approach now: “If we can make the state cut, then I’ll get excited.” Bingo.

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D.F. Oliveria’s “Hot Potatoes” runs Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can comment on the items by calling (800) 344-6718 or (208) 765-7125, or by sending e-mail to