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Christmas Fund 1997 Couple Remind Others The Time To Help Is Now

Without even knowing Ronald G. and Shirley Schoenberger there’s no doubt they’re intelligent, giving, realistic people.

Ronald Schoenberger, who heads RGS Schoenberger Insurance Inc., 2211 E. Sprague, included such an insightful letter with a $275 contribution to The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund.

They have increased their Christmas Fund contributions by 10 percent each year since they began donating 11 years ago, “because of increased costs.”

But this is the letter’s really good part:

“We wanted to get our contribution in earlier this year because it appears contributions have been a little slow and maybe more people who have contributed in the past will step up and make their 1997 contributions immediately.”

Couldn’t have said it better!

The Schoenbergers also expressed appreciation for the Christmas Fund’s help to “the citizens in our wonderful area” who might not otherwise have as merry a Christmas.

Their gift helped bring Friday’s total to $5,612, for a total thus far of $37,229.13.

A goal of $425,000 has been set in anticipation of what will be needed to help thousands of our poor neighbors with a bit of holiday cheer.

That is an enormous amount of money to raise in 3-1/2 weeks. But the cause is such a great one.

Low-income families can receive a toy or game for each of their children up to 18 years old. Often, it’s the only gift their children will have to open on Christmas Day.

Families also receive a food voucher to help pay for holiday groceries. The key word in that sentence is “help.” The vouchers vary from $20 to $50, depending on family size.

One gratifying element of the Christmas Fund is that all of the money is used to pay for those two things - toys and vouchers. Nothing else. Everything is donated: from the volunteer hours to the building housing the Christmas Bureau.

And, all donations are tax-deductible because the money is given in its entirety to Catholic Charities and Volunteers of America whose officials manage the bureau with help from The Salvation Army.

Others who helped with Friday’s total are:

Two anonymous donors who each gave $500; an anonymous gift of $400; an anonymous gift of $200 “in memory of Jack and a thank-you to all who help in this worthy cause.”

Elaine Shaw, Tualatin, Ore., gave $200, as did Angelo Momolite, 963 E. 10th. Southwell & O’Rourke, Attorneys at Law, 421 W. Riverside, gave $150; an anonymous donor gave $150 “for those who have gone before: Hazel and LaVera Jeah”; Elsie Hester, 2903 E. 25th, gave $125.

Chuck and Delores Crabtree, 9805 N. Ridgecrest Drive, gave $100 with this note: “Our grandchildren will have a wonderful Christmas - we so hope this small gift will help other children to have a better Christmas.”

Other gifts of $100 came from Charles Tilford, Spokane; Dr. and Mrs. S. Hegedus, 5712 N. Drumheller; Morris and Lucille Slavens, 1927 W. Fairview; Doreen and Anthony Kelsey, 3826 S. Lamonte; Joanne and Mark Hernick, 7206 Palouse Highway; Ludy Kostelecky, 22 E. Sinto; and the Spokane Lawn Bowling Fund.

The Bayne Co. - Brian, Paula, Kelly and Ed - of Spokane, gave $100, as did Mr. and Mrs. Hein, 30812 S. Cahill Road; the Unitarian Universalist Church, 4340 W. Fort George Wright Drive; June Diffley, 3231 W. Boone; and two anonymous givers.

The Vinje girls - Prasti, Astrid and Michelle - 2011 W. Liberty, gave $75, “our annual contribution to the children’s Christmas fund.” The Rockford Women’s Club, also annual contributors, gave $75; Barbara Mueller, 2911 W. Cleveland, gave $60.

Gifts of $50 came from the Rubins, 1421 W. 16th; Philip Evans, Spokane; Bernice Vaughan, 6525 N. Austin Road, who gave “in memory of my husband, Frank, who thought Christmas at home with his family was the best day of the year.”

Blanche Harrison, 2321 E. Rowan, gave $50, as did Jeanne Moore, 4015 Sundown Drive; Archie and Carol Wilson, 117 S. Flora Road; Donna Douglass, 1924 E. 17th; Roger Palmberg, 6420 S. Pittsburg; Dona Hahner, Fairfield, who gave “in loving memory of my two children, Greg and Jill.”

The 1997 Varsity Girls Soccer Team at Gonzaga Prep decided to make a $50 donation to the Christmas Fund in the name of their coaches, Christian, Neice and Jake. “They have given so much to us and we would like to share their spirit of giving with the Spokane community.”

Way to go, girls!

Audrey Mason, 5718 N. Alberta, gave $50, as did Tad and Sue Leach, Coeur d’Alene; Joan Inkpen, 7241 N. Fotheringham; Dr. Everett Coulter, 3151 E. 33rd; and four anonymous donors, one made “in memory of Jim who always helped others in need and loved Christmas.”

Del and Yvonne Bodker, 1808 W. Courtland, gave $30, “wishing a happy Christmas for a needy child - we give this check in memory of our two dearly loved grandsons, Mark and Blaine.”

Victor Wulff, 1221 W. 22nd, gave $30. Donations of $25 came from Cliff and Vivian Hinrichs, 8900 S. Mullen Hill Road; Joy Obde, 2351 N. Crestline; Mary Bouscher, 7800 E. Alki; Gladys Alfano, 1810 E. 65th; L. Bernard, 310 W. Rainier Way; L. Fernan, 10705 N. Klamath Court; and one anonymous donor.

M.J. and B.D. Dooley, 2615 N. Hogan, gave $20, along with the Normandie Garden Club; Robert Jensen, 10014 E. Valley Way; Robert and Fran Mann, Liberty Lake; Lewis Tarlton, Medical Lake; Kathy Platte, 12108 E. 34th; and one person requesting anonymity.

A $15 gift was given anonymously; and Andrew and Nanci Slipper, 117 W. Rolland, gave $10.

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