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Christmas Fund 1997 Local Company Builds Happy Holiday Sounds Shea Construction Gives $5,000

Fri., Dec. 12, 1997

Owners of Shea Construction build things concrete things they can see, touch and feel.

But this Christmas, they’re also helping build intangible things with their $5,000 contribution to The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund.

Things such as smiles and bright eyes - and less-visible things such as relief, cheer and hope.

David Shea, chairman of the board for Shea Construction, 331 N. Fancher Road, wrote, “This year, we are again blessed with the fruits of our work and find great joy in sharing our blessings with the great community of Spokane.

“We hope that these funds will go a long way toward helping people in need throughout our community.”

Indeed, the money will go a very long way.

Shea’s contribution helped bring Thursday’s total to $34,148.91 for a year-to-date total of $147,944.48. That leaves $277,056 to reach the fund’s goal of $425,000.

Won’t you consider helping “build” things that produce the delightful sounds of giggles from a girl tickled with her Christmas gift or the boisterous noise of a boy as he unwraps his present?

Your gift to the Christmas Fund can also help create the aroma of cookies baking in the oven or the taste of a special holiday meal.

Every bit of the Christmas Fund money is used only for toys and food vouchers - and a bag of hard candy per family.

There is no overhead with this fund-raiser, so there’s nothing deducted from the money received.

All the money is given to Catholic Charities and Volunteers of America, whose helpers work with those from the Salvation Army to operate the Christmas Bureau.

And because these are nonprofit organizations, your money is tax-deductible.

On Thursday, 832 people were served at the bureau in the University City Mall.

A total of $26,391 was given in food vouchers and about 1,500 toys were selected by parents applying for help.

That’s a lot of people, a lot of food vouchers and a whole lot of toys. And all of it going for such a very good cause.

If you can help with the construction of transforming Christmas wishes into reality, please write a check to The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund, Fourth Floor Newsroom, 999 W. Riverside, P.O. Box 516, Spokane, WA 99210.

A woman, who requested anonymity, sent a $3,000 check to the Christmas Fund, stating she has “so many things to be thankful for - good health, wonderful children and grandchildren - I sometimes forget that many others are not so fortunate. I hope this check will help you reach your goal and make Christmas a happy time for everyone.”

Gordon Rowand, president of Rowand Machinery Co., and David Rowand, vice president, continued the tradition of contributing to the Christmas Fund begun years ago by their father, Gordon W. Rowand.

Their donation of $2,500 is from the company and its employees in Spokane and Pasco.

There was an anonymous gift of $2,200 and a business wanting anonymity gave $1,500 in “wholehearted support” of the program and its volunteers; Banner Furnace & Fuel, 122 N. Helena, gave $1,200.

Attorneys John Campbell, Joseph Esposito, Richard George, William Tombari Jr. and James Topliff, whose law office is at 421 W. Riverside, contributed $900. A woman requesting anonymity gave $750, “in hopes it will make other less-fortunate people have a merry Christmas.”

Gifts of $500 came from the Spokane Area Classic Chevy Club, proving again it’s a group of classy members; the Andrews Equipment Service of Washington, 4620 E. Trent; Peter and Marilyn Grossman, Spokane, “in honor of our newest family member, Payne Michael Whatley, and in memory of H.W. “Bill” Seago, Payne’s great-grandfather.”

The owners of DeVries Moving, Packing and Storage, 3808 N. Sullivan, gave $500, matching the contributions of their employees. Champion Concrete Plumbing, Inc., Post Falls, gave $500 as did two donors requesting anonymity.

The employees of L&S; Engineering Assoc., 216 W. Pacific, gave $240, which was matched by the company for a total of $480.

The Kelly family, 6117 N. Atlantic, gave $350, as did Peter and Gay Witherspoon, 3305 W. Rutter Parkway.

Gifts of $300 were received from Drs. Kennard Kasper and Robert Maixner, 105 W. Eighth; and an anonymous couple.

Dr. and Mrs. Lowell Brooks gave $250, as did Michael Flannery, Spokane; the International Footprinters Assoc.; Charlie and Linda Keturakat of the Principal Financial Group, 221 N. Wall, “in memory of Linda’s deceased father, Bert Kile, a long-time employee of The Spokesman-Review,” in hopes the gift “will make a difference in someone’s life and brighten their Christmas.”

An anonymous donor also gave $250 as did the Episcopal Church Women of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 5720 S. Perry.

The women work untold hours at rummage sales every spring and fall and use their proceeds to donate to various programs this time of year.

“We feel each gift represents hope and love to those in need,” wrote Helen Jewitt, co-chairman, “and we’re honored to share our blessings.”

Scott, Judy, Jared and Jane Brittney, 5805 S. Lochsa Drive, donated $225 to help “make someone else’s Christmas a bit brighter.”

Gifts of $200 came from Jack and Micki Sadd, 4807 S. Hogan; R.A. Bedford, Deer Park; Lorna Stevenson, 2615 E. Foxwood Drive, “in memory of my husband to one of his favorite charities”; John and Janet Peterson, 6404 S. Helena; Mary Lee Tollett, Thornton, “in memory of my husband, Clifford, and my sister, Wilma Selleck, who always remembered the needy.”

Maj. Leroy Hildebrand, 2217 E. Sprague, gave $200 with this: “I wish everyone’s life could be as fortunate, full and rounded as my 75 years have been. Proudly, I give…in honor of my three sons, D.K., D.J. and B.G., who, under much strife and stress, have through their own honest, sincere efforts, determination and hard work (become) well-adjusted, educated, happy, honorable and successful in every way, enjoying the Great American Dream.”

Joyce Stefanoff, 529 W. 28th, gave $200, as did Vic and Lisa Paternoster, 214 W. 25th; and five anonymous donors, one from the farm community of Lind, and another who gave in honor of her parents and nieces and nephews.

Gifts of $150 came from Eris Heggem, Spokane, in memory of her husband, Roy Heggem; John and Peggy Hasstedt, 2121 S. Forest Estates Drive; Judy and Eric Spangenberg, Pullman; and an anonymous donor.

Two kids and their parents, requesting anonymity, gave $107, with these notes from “two children who care about others.” Peter, 5: “Dear Christmas Fund, I hope you enjoy the money to buy things for people”; and Anna, 8: “We sent money for people who cannot buy Christmas presents; for their family. I hope you enjoy it.”

Don’t you just love it?

Dorothy Byrne, 5002 S. Woodfield, gave $150, as did an anonymous donor, who “hopes every child in Spokane will have a merry Christmas this year. This fund truly embodies the sprint of Christmas giving!”

The Mobile Home Owners Association of Cascade Mobile Home Park gave $125.

Contributions of $100 came from Marvin Bennett, 5124 S. Morrow Park; Dana and Mary Besecker, 10015 N. Comanche Drive, in memory of their mothers, Treva Besecker and Edith Dawson, both of whom died this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Soehren, 514 W. Hastings Road, gave $100, as did Edna Gump, Mead; Arley Olson, 10312 N. Brooks Road; Martha Hoffmeister, Marshall; Stephen Scott, 2306 W. Pacific; Val and Hazel Strange, 2924 E. 32nd; Ben, Carol and Kathy Shaw and Mike Broderick, 428 S. Haven.

Residents of Lilac Plaza, 7007 N. Wiscomb, gave $100, representative of the pennies they saved all year long “to be a part of those who help the less fortunate. We wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthful New Year.”

Other gifts of $100 came from the Valley Metal Fab., 517 S. Felts Road; Melvin and Mercedes Griffiths, 4904 N. Whitehouse; John and June Archambeault, 1207 E. Lyons; Mr. and Mrs. F. N. McKinley, Cheney; Julie and Mark Nevdahl, 1228 E. Brierwood; Bob Frank Homes Inc., 4615 W. Coventry Lane; Dr. Jack Ossello and his staff, 902 W. 14th.

Gifts of $100 came from Bob and Judy Lee, 1311 E. Sara Lane, in memory of their grandson, Austin McKenzie; Frank and Noreen Groh, Odessa, in memory of Frank and Pauline Groh and Lydia Scrupps; and Nettie Hermann, 707 W. Fifth, in memory of her brother, George Hermann, “who always gave to the Christmas Fund.”

Dave and Liz Zinecker, 11107 E. 17th, gave $100, as did Flo Fiveash, 3424 N. Alberta; and 13 anonymous donors, including one gift made in honor of Elsie Pearson and Ruth Lind.

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