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Christmas Fund 1997 Company Opens A Pipeline To The Heart Donation Allows Needy To Dream Of A Merry Christmas


Have you ever considered the value of what that word means?

Could we accomplish half of what we do without the support of those who love us?

Would we even try to turn a dream into reality if we had no cheerleaders behind us?

Without the support of every donor to The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund, we could not help provide a merry Christmas to those whose dreams are on hold for the lack of money and heart to follow them.

Officials at Pacific Gas Transmission Co. offered support to the Christmas Fund not only with their $5,000 check, but with their letter signed by Paul Bettinger, northern area manager, and Susan Meyer, community relations director:

“Your goal this year is ambitious, and we’re behind you all the way. For the sake of Spokane’s children, our aim as a community must be to make sure that each child has a present to open on Christmas morning and a warm meal. And then we must find ways to extend the spirit of generosity seen so clearly at holiday time throughout the year so that none go hungry. Ever.

“Thank you for sponsoring the Christmas Fund and Happy Holidays.”

The essence of support.

Pacific Gas Transmission’s monetary support brought Friday’s total to $10,744, with a total so far of $158,688.48.

If you can help support those around us who need a helping hand this Christmas season, please send in your check today.

A goal of $425,000 has been set. Last year, 8,685 families received support from the Christmas Fund, including 13,660 children who were able to open a gift on Christmas morning.

This year, 2,468 people sought support during the Christmas Bureau’s first three days of service; $78,000 in food vouchers was given to those in need, and 4,500 toys were selected by parents for their children.

Others helping to reach Friday’s total were:

Vicky and Ken Moland, 1706 E. 62nd Court, gave $500 in memory of their parents, Bill and Bonnie Barratt and Vern Moland; James and Ann Slack, 6110 S. Helena, also gave $500.

Members of White Rose Chapter 230, Order of Eastern Star with the Downtown Masonic Temple, gave $300 with this note from Ernestine Forester, secretary: “The Masonic community is a viable part of Spokane, and isn’t it wonderful to share with the other citizens the joy of living in Spokane and to give at the holy season. It is a privilege to ease the burdens of our friends not met, and so we cheerfully support our community and give, knowing that this Christmas Fund is doing its job.”

Also giving $300 were Bob and Julia Fairchild, 1104 W. 22nd; and John Baumhofer, 2204 W. Walton, in memory of his mother. Wayne and Celia Garceau, 5104 S. Perry, gave $250, hoping “it will make someone’s life a little brighter.”

Gifts of $200 came from TAK Petroleum Inc., 59 E. Queen; W.O.W., Pollution Control Systems, 20711 E. Euclid; J.O. Cravens and Linda Lott, 3814 E. Seventh.

Ike and Clare Anderson, 3608 W. LaCrosse, gave $200 with this note: “A few years back my mother and I decided instead of giving each other presents, we would give the money to an organization in order to help others. This year we decided your cause seemed the most worthy. Please accept this money in memory of my father, Fred “Pee-Wee” Anderson. My father always went out of his way to help others and we know he would have appreciated this.”

An anonymous gift of $150 was received, and another for $120. Gifts of $100 came from Edward and Alice Emerson, 12001 E. Boone; Carrie and Lillian Schillberg on West 26th; Erik and Marian Anderson, 3231 W. Boone; and the 1940 and ‘41 graduating classes from North Central High School.

Don and Marilyn Lippman, Otis Orchards, gave $100, as did Henry and Virginia Simmons, 4003 N. Cannon; the residents of Club Contempo, 1205 E. Lyons; and Mary Morgan, 5209 S. Woodfield Lane, in honor of her seven grandchildren: Matthew, John, Lauren, Christine, Tyler, Jennifer and Carly.

Elsie Creed, 5017 N. Stevens, has already supported the Christmas Fund but sent in an additional $100, saying: “This is my second donation this year. This time I doubled it and I challenge others to do the same.”

There were four anonymous gifts of $100, one from “Friends of the McConnaughey Family,” who are thinking of Jean McConnaughey who died Dec. 7 at the age of 46.

A family of three on Garland anonymously gave $90; E.A. Grindal gave $77; an anonymous gift of $75 was received; Robbyn Jo Abbitt, Moscow, gave $70 in honor of Kate Clyne, Alexandria Meissner, Jennifer Gregg, Jennifer French, Renee Homoleski and Jennifer Murphy, and in memory of her grandfather, Morgan Swain, who died this fall.

Amy Trent, Seattle, sent $50 in memory of her dad, Ken Trent, who so capably and lovingly managed the Christmas Bureau for 20-plus years. She included this note: “The Christmas Bureau meant a lot to him. We miss him terribly, but it is good to know that some of what he believed in will continue.”

Other $50 gifts came from Susan Wotring, 4811 N. Calispel; Carol Klinzman, 5417 N. Wall; the Sandy Hill Garden Club “to help in a small way those who would have little or nothing at this special time of year”; Mr. and Mrs. L.A. McKay, 2204 N. Calispel; Lane Klees, 1415 W. Cliffwood Court; Bill and Dolores DePell, 308 E. Bridlewood Lane; Larry and Barbara Tobin, Colbert; and Lynn Bowen, 4610 Indian Bluff Road; and one anonymous donor “in loving memory of Joseph Barrett.”

Steve Bell, 200 N. Fourth, gave $35; gifts of $25 came from B. Carter, 7206 N. Hamilton; Charles and Ruth Miller, Deer Park; George and Margaret Witter, 1227 E. 15th; Rita Giebel, 504 E. Princeton; Michael and Sandra Povich, 5315 W. Navaho; Greg and Barbie Rupert in memory of Benjamin Klaverkamp, “who touched the lives of many in the short time he had.”

Other $25 gifts came from Barbara and Jeff Larsen, 6114 S. Madelia, in memory of their fathers, Jules Rometch and Graham Larsen; Kenneth and Ann Throm, 301 S. Chestnut; and Barbara Burton, 2805 S. Lincoln.

Jean Larson, Kettle Falls, sent $20 “in the name of my greatgranddaughter Brittanie who was born three months premature; so far she’s doing fine even though she was only 2 pounds, 4 ounces; it’s all the excellent care she gets at Sacred Heart.”

A $20 gift was received from the C.V. Barber Shop along with two anonymous donations; Vern Lewis, 541 E. Crown, gave $15, as did Philip and Joyce Duval, Medical Lake, and an anonymous donor.

There was an anonymous gift of $12; J.C. Priano, 2019 W. Providence, gave $10, as did Bernice McClure, Mead; and Joyce Johnson, 1600 W. Pacific.

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