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Christmas Fund 1997 Zen And The Heart Of Brotherhood Students At Mukogawa Make Gift To Adopted City

It’s one thing for area residents to support The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund, because, after all, we’re helping our neighbors.

But every year, the students at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute contribute to the fund. The Japanese students are visitors to our city, yet they’re generous enough to help our poor.

Hiroshi Takaoka, executive vice president, wrote a letter with the $449.10 gift from students and the institute’s staff, as appreciation for the “warm support” they receive from the Spokane community.

“Now that the students are leaving for Japan next week, they would like to reciprocate what they received from the community to the less fortunate in this way. We thank you for this opportunity.”

What a wonderful display of international brotherhood.

Their donation helped bring Sunday’s total to $7,002.10, for a year-to-date sum of $179,227.58.

The Christmas Bureau at the University City Mall opens at 10 this morning and people will be standing in line, waiting to receive a bit of Christmas cheer.

Already nearly 2,500 people have received toys and food vouchers - and thousands more will request help before the bureau closes. It’s open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each weekday until Dec. 23.

It will take something from all of us to meet the $425,000 to help make a Merry Christmas for all.

Other contributions from Sunday are:

An anonymous donor gave $1,000; contributions of $500 came from Gifford Consultants Inc., 2020 E. Springfield; Jim, Tanya and Carl Wall, 1311 S. Bernard, “in honor of our families in East Lansing, Mich., Meridian, Miss., and Sidney, British Columbia;” and one anonymous donor.

Donations of $300 came from the Cathcarts of Colbert; Bernie and Sue Bernard, Liberty Lake; the Gray family, Medical Lake; and the Southeast Lions, with this note from Tom Wallace, chairman of the Boys and Girls Committee: “We always want to be a part of this wonderful Christmas project so we ensure it is a part of our annual budget.

“May we always have an avenue such as this to bring a Merry Christmas to those less fortunate than ourselves.”

Metals Fabrication Company, Inc., 2524 S. Hayford Road, gave $250. Gifts of $200 came from Dean Lydig, 14909 N. Hazard Road; and Jemima and Micheal Scarpelli, 3234 S. Jefferson. Giving $150 were Delbert and Ruth Mattix, Veradale; and Vincent and Marian Rogers, 2322 S. Lincoln. Clyde and Mary Bemis, 13206 E. 23rd, gave $125.

Donations of $100 came from Thomas Kasson, 3828 E. 17th; Dr. Jerry and Linda Ponti, 4807 N. Starr Road; Larry and Gwen Klawunder, Kenai, Alaska; Susie A. Wendle, 2929 S. Waterford Drive; Mike, Ione, Todd and Wendy Howson, 6110 W. Shawnee. There were five anonymous donations, one given in the names of Terry, Clarice and Sharon.

The Spokane Area Retired Educators Foundation gave $75.

The Kinards of Liberty Lake sent $58, which includes a week’s allowance from both her boys - “I’m very proud of them,” their mom wrote.

Gifts of $50 came from the Bowers, 1114 E. 19th; R.W. Boswell, 4503 N. Best; Charles and Donna Pierce, 1718 S. Linda Lane; Chuck Kauffman, 4104 W. Everett; Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Warfield, Veradale; Betty McCaughan, 4202 N. Cannon; Ann McGetrick, 857 E. Lyons, who wrote, “In memory of Carol E. Waterbury, who always made sure that her family and those less fortunate had a warm and happy Christmas.”

Also giving $50 were B.J. Haley, 1707 E. Ninth, “In loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haley, whose love and teachings make each star to shine brighter.”

Sadie Mills, 1412 W. Ninth, gave $50, as did Mike and Gayle Clark, in memory of Eldona nd Johana Clark; and four anonymous donors, including one from the cat, “Kitty Kelly.”

The Postal Credit Union Loan Department, 2919 E. Mission, gave $40. Gifts of $35 came from Al and Lola Thompson, 3927 S. Lamonte, in memory of Doug and Gerry; George and Lorraine Pattison, 3503 W. Seventh; and Eunice Ayers, Spokane, “sent with my very grateful thanks for my wonderful family of kids, grandkids and great-grands. They are all very special.”

Giving $25 were Mr. and Mrs. Ray T. Killian, 1211 E. Lyons; Marvin Dunn, 1010 S. Rockwood Blvd., in memory of his wife, Frances Dunn, who died this year.

Merle Wellington, Greenacres, gave $25, as did Alan and Deanna Eppinger, 5206 W. Lyons; Emma Young, Rockford; the Robert Nelson family, 5427 N. Elm, “on behalf of our father, Oscar Nelson. He has always taught us to lend a helping hand.”

F.M. Hayden, 12442 E. Desmet, gave $25, as did Curtis L. Simonson, 3816 W. Francis; the Bowman family, 12334 N. Fairwood Drive, who wrote: “Our family has had a difficult year on many fronts, but we know there are families out here struggling even more so than ours this Christmas.

“As always at this time of the year, we are reminded of Jesus’ words about the more meaningful gifts coming from’s need, not one’s excess.

“Therefore, please accept our humble gift of $25 and may God bless your efforts in the days remaining.”

Donald J. Goettel, 5303 S. Saint Andrews Lane, gave $25, as well as an anonymous donor. Mike and Linda Burt, 1202 S. Kahuna Drive, gave $10.

The Valley Hospital and Medical Center Administrative Nursing Supervisors made a contribution in the name of Michael Liepman, CEO of Valley Hospital, and asked the amount of their gift not be disclosed.

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