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It Wasn’t True ‘Love’

Mon., Dec. 15, 1997

If love means never having to say “miscommunication,” Vice President Al Gore is in trouble. Gore acknowledged Sunday a “miscommunication” on his part in leading reporters to believe he and his wife were the model for the 1970s hot romance novel “Love Story.” He was only half right. Author Erich Segal said he got to know both Gore and his roommate actor Tommy Lee Jones during his 1968 sabbatical at Harvard and made the novel’s romantic hero, Oliver Barrett 4th, a blend of the two men. Jones inspired the side that was “the tough, macho guy who’s a poet at heart.” Gore was the basis for the side that had a controlling father and was pressured to follow family tradition, Segal said. But the author said the inspiration for the hip, flip love interest, Jenny Cavilleri, was not Tipper Gore. Segal has previously said she was inspired by a woman he dated at Harvard.

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