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Christmas Fund 1997 Our Cup Of Kindness Is Only Half-Full More Than 900 People Ask For Help At Christmas Bureau

Instead of sugarplums, I have visions of trouble dancing in my head. It’s too close to Christmas for comfort. There’s so much to do on all fronts, including The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund. It’s almost overwhelming.

On Monday, exactly $26,000 arrived for the fund, making a total of $205,227.58 in donations - not quite half of what we need to help our low-income neighbors have a happy holiday.

To meet the goal of $425,000, a whole lot of money must be raised in nine short days before Christmas.

More than 900 people applied for help on Monday at the Christmas Bureau - the most yet in one day, said Mike Ryan, bureau director.

Won’t you please examine your hearts and pocketbooks? If you can help at all, send in a contribution today.

Employees and management of Excell Foods of Ranch Markets Inc., 1220 N. Mullan Road, gave $2,500, with a note from owner Terry Sparrow: “Each year, the Christmas Fund provides an outstanding vehicle to help those in need during the holiday season.”

Bob Runkle, Jack White and Ed Miller, partners in the advertising firm of White Runkle Associates, 505 W. Riverside, sent $2,360 from the employees and management and a wonderful letter.

“One of the most important local holiday traditions is The Spokesman-Review’s Christmas Fund. The fund both inspires and challenges the people in our office to discover the real meaning of the season.

“We’re proud of our employees and proud of The Spokesman-Review for doing such good work in the community.”

Frederick Wilson of the Welch Foundation Inc., 327 W. Eighth, longtime supporters of the Christmas Fund, contributed $2,000, with a note of appreciation about there being no overhead expenses.

That’s been reported nearly every day in the Christmas Fund stories, but probably can’t be said enough. Every cent of every donation is used only for the fund’s mission: To provide a toy for every child in a low-income family and a food voucher to help with the family’s holiday meal.

There simply is no overhead.

The building that houses the Christmas Bureau in the University City Mall is donated, and it’s staffed with volunteers. No rent, no salaries.

There are thousands of families needing a helping hand from benefactors they’ll never know - but will always appreciate.

Can you please help ensure that everyone who needs help receives it this Christmastime?

James O’Connell, president of James F. O’Connell & Associates, Inc., 400 S. Jefferson, has decided to become a helping neighbor this year. With a $1,000 check, O’Connell wrote, “For years we have been touched by the wonderful stories of giving to The Spokesman-Review Christmas Fund. This year we have decided to give to your fund in hopes of making a difference in the lives of people in need this holiday season.”

What a wonderful difference that contribution will make.

Vehrs Inc., 511-A N. Ella Road, a wholesale distributor in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, gave $1,000.

Another $1,000 gift came from Potlatch Corp., 601 W. Riverside, delivered by L. Pendleton Siegel, president and chief operating officer.

There were also two anonymous gifts of $1,000, including one from a woman who wrote she wanted “to make some families have a happier Christmas. I feel I am very lucky to have a nice place to live, food in abundance and can pay all bills on time.”

Contributions of $500 came from Toby’s Body & Fender, 1022 N. Normandie; Chevron’s Muzzy Oil Co., Inc., Coeur d’Alene; Deb and Steve Mumm, 8707 N. Kensington Drive, and “from the family of Jerry B. Boorman Sr., in loving memory.”

The men and women of Air National Guard Unit, 141 Logistics Squadron, saved all year to make a contribution to the Christmas Fund augmented by their commander, Lt. Col. Nicolyn Thiot, for a total of $500. Thiot wrote, “the Guard Family wanted to reach out to our neighbors in the community to share the love and support we have with each other.”

An anonymous gift of $400 was accompanied by a great note: “Thank you good people for being the source from which we have the privilege of affording some gladness of heart to those in less-fortunate circumstances. God help and bless us all - we need it.”

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Voelker, Greenacres, donated $300. Contributions of $250 came from Harold Hayes Jr., Liberty Lake; Edward and Barbara Morse, 1128 Club Court; and an anonymous donor.

Last Thursday, Dean Lynch’s name was inadvertently omitted as co-donor of a $250 gift. Please accept our apologies.

Fred and Betty Anderson, 2012 N. Crescent, gave $200, writing, “Thinking of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren who are looking forward to a joyful Christmas, we are pleased that we may be helping to provide joy for other children.”

Other donations of $200 came from Marion and Lowell Severud, 12609 Fairwood Lane, in memory of Miriam Severud; Genevieve Warren, 2903 E. 25th; Plastoptics, Inc., 1915 E. Sprague; Mrs. R. D. Robinson, Rosalia; the 1944 graduating class of North Central High School; and those from the Havermale Alternative School, 1300 W. Knox, to “help bring some cheer to others at Christmastime.”

Tudy and Larry Hatch, 1628 S. Farr, sent $200 in the names of their three grandchildren: Mariah, Patrick and Charlie. Tudy Hatch also included this note:

“I saw the line at U-City of applicants - we can’t do enough!”

There were also three anonymous gifts of $200.

Richard Cannon, Newport, gave $165; Gary Groth, 8909 N. Colton, made a contribution of $150, as did Don and Donna Hares, 3804 E. 28th, with this note: “Of all the donations we make through the year, this is our favorite!” There were also two anonymous gifts of $150.

Karen Nichols, 3924 E. Courtland, made a contribution of $125.

Those giving $100 were Harry and Donna Fuhs, 824 W. 26th; Jack Coffey, 1112 E. Indiana; Mr. and Mrs. John Foltz, 3908 E. Sumac Drive; James Spencer, 1812 W. Courtland; Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Gonder, 11021 E. 33rd; Richard and Mary Jo Dillingham, 3912 S. Alder Circle; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hemsteger, 32 W. 40th; Mark and Jean Jackson, 7326 N. Mahr Court.

Duane and Virginia Wilson, 845 E. Overbluff Road, gave $100, as did Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bryan, 4929 N. Allen Place, as “a very small token for the many blessings we’ve received;” Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bach, 3531 S. Croydon Court; and Joan and Ralph Butcher, 2716 E. Rowan, as a Christmas memorial to Howard and Jerry Butcher.

Other $100 contributions came from Karl Boethner, Gabrielle Boethner and Elizabeth Coyote, 729 W. 14th, with “Thanks for providing the opportunity to give to our new community;” Doris Stokke, 2124 W. First; Gary, Amanda and Nick Livingston, 2217 E. 46th; Danny, Lue and Paul Mencke, 2204 S. D; and Bob and Connie Golden, 1411 E. Houghton Court, who wrote: “I know it’s an old saying - but, it is better to give than receive! Thank you for allowing us to share this Christmas season.”

R. E. Materne, 13515 N. Crestline, gave $100, as did Lorena Tucker, 715 W. Chelan; Alice Ellis, 5418 N. New York Lane; Les Albert Masonry, Inc., 8614 E. Whitman; Jean Gralke, 3404 S. Loretta Drive; Margaret Hurley and Leonard Peterson, 730 E. Boone.

Other $100 donations arrived from Robert and Lynn Simkins, 8909 W. Greenwood Road; Thomas Carroll, 6120 N. Maple; and members of the Shadle Park High School Annex, who made a gift to the Christmas Fund rather than exchange gifts with one another.

Residents of Holman Gardens, a retirement center at 12912 E. 12th, gave $100 with proceeds from their commissary; there were 13 anonymous gifts of $100, including one in memory of Skip Louderback.

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