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She’s Happy To Be Home - Alone - After Siege, Treatment Long Standoff Triggered By Relatives’ Court Order

A woman who held police at bay outside her home near Roby for 39 days was freed from a mental hospital Tuesday after a doctor testified that she posed no threat to herself or others.

Shirley Allen, 51, had been fighting her involuntary hospitalization since Oct. 30, when police arrested her at her rural home after the standoff. She had been held at a hospital in Springfield.

“Shirley’s just so happy to be home, she just wants to sit in her chair and get back to home life again,” said her attorney, Lindsey Reese. “She’s not going to go out and do anything crazy.”

After the standoff and 47 days in a mental health center, Allen wanted to sit down and have a cup of coffee, he said. Then she wants to “Clorox the house down” to erase the pepper spray odor lingering from the siege.

“No trespassing” signs were posted on the front lawn and in a window of her home.

The siege began Sept. 22 after relatives won a court order to have Allen, a widow who lives alone, taken for a mental examination because they feared she might be mentally ill.

Right-wing activists denounced the standoff as another example of heavy-handed police tactics and called it “Roby Ridge” - a reference to the deadly FBI siege at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992.


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