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‘Mr. Magoo’ Embarrassing, Insulting, Idiotic

Being blind isn’t funny. But then, neither is “Mr. Magoo.”

For a while, it has a chance. The mildly amusing opening credits are a nimated, showing the real Magoo with the real Magoo voice. But then we shift to a live-action “comedy” with Leslie Nielsen bumbling around, doing a poor imitation of the blind, oblivious Magoo’s nasal voice.

The idiotic plot has something to do with a jewel heist, but the jokes are all about people bumping into things and getting hurt.

Mostly, it’s an excuse for the film’s co-writer, Minnesota’s Pat Proft, to indulge in local in-jokes. Fellow Minnesotan Kelly Lynch (who looks smashing) has a supporting role, there’s a reference to the St. Paul Hotel and characters are named after cities such as Cloquet, Austin and Le Sueur.

But it’s a different Minnesota town that suggests how the folks involved with “Mr. Magoo” should feel about their efforts: Embarrassed.

xxxx “Mr. Magoo” Location: East Sprague, Newport and Showboat cinemas Credits: Directed by Stanley Tong; starring Leslie Nielsen Running time: 1:41 Rating: PG