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Hints From Heloise

Sun., Dec. 28, 1997

Dear Heloise: A while ago you wrote a column about puppy training. I noticed that you, too, have a miniature schnauzer.

Part of my puppy’s potty training was being confined at night while we slept. We used an old baby playpen for her to sleep in, which we kept at the foot of our bed. I made it nice and comfortable for her, and in the morning I would pick her up and dash outside and she would do her business right away in her spot.

I learned this playpen trick from my friend, Catherine, who also had a miniature schnauzer. I always tell this hint to everyone who gets a new puppy. - Jo Ann Hostin, Reseda, Calif.

That seems like a good place to keep her at night, or even in the daytime, if you need to leave. You can have an area for her bedding and a pile of papers on the other side of it, just in case.- Heloise


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