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Stirring Emotions

Mon., Dec. 29, 1997

Many will mourn the passing of NBC’s hit sitcom “Seinfeld” at the end of this season, but not soup chef Al Yeganeh. Yeganeh was compared to certain genocidal Germans in a 1995 episode that raised a Fuhrer by lampooning his dictatorial control of the lines outside his International Soup Kitchen. Yeganeh agreed to be interviewed Saturday only on the condition that what he calls “the ‘N’ word” not be used in connection with him. He then repeatedly referred to Jerry Seinfeld as “an idiot clown.”

Yeganeh was furious at being labeled a “Soup (‘N’ word)” and claims the episode caused a legion of imitators - including a place called “Soup Nutsy” - to try to cash in on his reputation.

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