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Cosbys Hire Independent Investigator

Bill Cosby has hired a highly respected entertainment investigator to monitor developments in the hunt for his son’s killer, a source close to the Cosby family said Tuesday.

Gavin DeBecker, a security consultant who specializes in stalking, safety and domestic violence, was called in shortly after Ennis Cosby, 27, was shot to death Jan. 16, the source close to the Cosbys said.

“He’s on board,” said the source, adding that DeBecker was hired to “help the family get a better understanding to what the LAPD is doing.”

DeBecker’s hiring does not reflect the Cosbys’ unhappiness with police because of the lack of an arrest in the case, the source said.

DeBecker stressed Tuesday that he was hired only as a consultant, not to conduct an independent investigation. “The only organization investigating the homicide of Ennis Cosby is the LAPD,” DeBecker said.

DeBecker has worked for actors Michael J. Fox and Theresa Saldana, and assisted the district attorney’s office during O.J. Simpson’s criminal trial.

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