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Victims’ Families View Twa Wreckage

Sun., Feb. 9, 1997

Families of victims of TWA Flight 800 on Saturday toured the cavernous hangar where tons of broken metal, scorched seats and busted luggage pulled from the ocean floor have been reassembled.

Before entering, more than 130 relatives were shown pictures to prepare them and signed releases promising not to sue for mental distress from what they saw.

“They have the seats all lined up row by row … charred and busted up and mangled,” said Stephanie Maranto, whose brother, Jamie Hurd, 29, of Severn, Md., was one of 230 people killed.

“You immediately run through your mind that these seats were full at one time, full of life, full of people and children and husbands and wives.”

The Paris-bound Boeing 747 exploded off the coast of Long Island shortly after takeoff July 17. The cause has not been determined.

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